Has DNA testing proved that ThomasJefferson fathered at least one child with one of his slaves, Sally Hemings

Viewpoint: Yes, the genetic and historical evidence strongly suggest that Thomas Jefferson fathered at least one child with Sally Hemings.

Should statistical sampling be used in the United States Census

Viewpoint: Yes, statistical sampling offers a more accurate method—at much lower cost—for determining population than does physical enumeration.

Has the calculus reform project improved students' understanding of mathematics

Viewpoint: Yes, reform-based calculus provides students with a better grasp of the real-world applications and context of mathematical principles, and it also increases the participation of student populations that have been underserved by traditional teaching methods.

Do humans have an innate capacity for mathematics

Viewpoint: Yes, recent scientific studies suggest that we are born with at least some mathematical ability already "hardwired" into our brains.

Does private strong encryption pose a threat to society

Viewpoint: Yes, while it's true that data encryption protects and furthers important civil liberties, it also poses a threat to public safety.

Does the addition of fluoride to drinking water cause significant harm to humans

Viewpoint: Yes, the evidence is clear that significant concentrations of fluoride in drinking water cause harm to humans.

Should xenotransplants from pigs raised at so-called organ farms be prohibited because such organs could transmit pig viruses to patients—and perhaps into the general population

Viewpoint: Yes, xenotransplants from pigs should be prohibited because the risks of transmitting pig viruses to patients and the general population are too great.

Should the cloning of human beings be prohibited

Viewpoint: Yes, because of the potential physical dangers and the profound ethical dilemmas it poses, the cloning of human beings should be prohibited.

Historic Dispute : Did syphilis originate in the New World, from which it was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus and his crew

Viewpoint: Yes, syphilis originated in the New World and was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus's crew.

Is the cost of high-energy laboratories justified

Viewpoint: Yes, research in the area of high-energy physics has already led to numerous advances that have provided great public benefit, and the search for the ultimate building blocks of the universe is a fundamental part of human nature and an expression of human civilization.

Historic Dispute : Do neutrinos have mass

Viewpoint: Yes, the Japanese-U.S. research team called the Super-Kamiokande Collaboration announced experiment results in 1998 that proved that neutrinos do indeed have mass.

Do hidden variables exist for quantum systems

Viewpoint: Yes, hidden variables are necessary to explain the contradictions and paradoxes inherent in quantum theory.

Does cold fusion exist

Viewpoint: Yes, the experiments of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons offered legitimate proof that cold fusion exists, and subsequent efforts by other scientists have supported their claim.

Historic Dispute: Is Earth the center of the universe

Viewpoint: Yes, early scientists believed that what appeared to be movement around Earth by the Sun and other entities was, in fact, just that.