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Mary V. Fox, Lasers. Tarrytown, NY: Benchmark Books, 1996. Aimed at young readers, this is a good general introduction to the subject.

Nina Morgan, Lasers. New York: Raintree/Steck Vaughn, 1997. The author explains in general terms how lasers work and discusses a number of the modern applications of the technology.

Internet Sources

Erik Baard, "Tool Time in Space: Drilling with Lasers and Ultrasound," , September 19, 2001. . Tells how scientists plan to study and mine asteroids and comets by drilling into them with lasers.

Ron Kurtus, "Lasers," School for Champions, October 6, 1999. . A brief but informative tutorial about how lasers work.

Katie Pennicott, "Lasers Illuminate the Flight of the Bumblebee," Physics Web, October 16, 2001. . How lasers cleverly measured the strokes of a bee's wings, showing scientists the unique way these insects fly.

Seth Shostak, "In Search of Aliens," , June 14, 2001. . Discusses the real possibility of communicating with alien civilizations by using laser beams, which can carry huge amounts of information.

John Watson, "Lasers," University of Aberdeen, Engineering Department, January 8, 1997. . A thorough but understandable explanation of how lasers work.

Matthew Weschler, "How Lasers Work," Marshall Brain's How Stuff Works, accessed November 27, 2001. . Explains the basics of the atom, how atoms relate to lasers, and the different types of lasers.

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