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Multiple personality disorder (MPD) is a chronic (recurring frequently) emotional illness. A person with MPD plays host to two or more personalities (called alters). Each alter has its own unique style of viewing and understanding the world and may have its own name. These distinct personalities periodically control that person's behavior as if several people were alternately sharing the same body.

MPD occurs about eight times more frequently in women than in men. Some researchers believe that because men with MPD tend to act more violently than women, they are jailed rather than hospitalized and, thus, never diagnosed. Female MPD patients often have more identities than men, averaging fifteen as opposed to eight for males.

Causes of multiple personality disorder

Most people diagnosed with MPD were either physically or sexually abused as children. Many times when a young child is severely abused, he or she becomes so detached from reality that what is happening may seem more like a movie or television show than real life. This self-hypnotic state, called disassociation, is a defense mechanism that protects the child from feeling overwhelmingly intense emotions. Disassociation blocks off these thoughts and emotions so that the child is unaware of them. In effect, they become secrets, even from the child. According to the American Psychiatric Association, many MPD patients cannot remember much of their childhoods.

Not all children who are severely and repeatedly abused develop multiple personality disorder. However, if the abuse is repeatedly extreme and the child does not have enough time to recover emotionally, the disassociated thoughts and feelings may begin to take on lives of their own. Each cluster of thoughts tends to have a common emotional theme such as anger, sadness, or fear. Eventually, these clusters develop into full-blown personalities, each with its own memory and characteristics.

Symptoms of the disorder

A person diagnosed with MPD can have as many as a hundred or as few as two separate personalities. (About half of the recently reported cases have ten or fewer.) These different identities can resemble the normal personality of the person or they may take on that of a different age, sex, or race. Each alter can have its own posture, set of gestures, and hair-style, as well as a distinct way of dressing and talking. Some may speak in foreign languages or with an accent. Sometimes alters are not human, but are animals or imaginary creatures.

The process by which one of these personalities reveals itself and controls behavior is called switching. Most of the time the change is sudden and takes only seconds. Sometimes it can take hours or days. Switching is often triggered by something that happens in the patient's environment, but personalities can also come out under hypnosis (a trancelike state in which a person becomes very responsive to suggestions of others).

Words to Know

Alter: Alternate personality that has split off or disassociated from the main personality, usually after severe childhood trauma.

Disassociation: Separation of a thought process or emotion from conscious awareness.

Hypnosis: Trance state during which people are highly vulnerable to the suggestions of others.

Personality: Group of characteristics that motivates behavior and sets us apart from other individuals.

Switching: Process by which an alternate personality reveals itself and controls behavior.

Trauma: An extremely severe emotional shock.

Sometimes the most powerful alter serves as the gatekeeper and tells the weaker alters when they may reveal themselves. Other times alters fight each other for control. Most patients with MPD experience long periods during which their normal personality, called the main or core personality, remains in charge. During these times, their lives may appear normal.

Ninety-eight percent of people with MPD have some degree of amnesia when an alter surfaces. When the main personality takes charge once again, the time spent under control of an alter is completely lost to memory. In a few instances, the host personality may remember confusing bits and pieces of the past. In some cases alters are aware of each other, while in others they are not.

One of the most baffling mysteries of MPD is how alters can sometimes show very different biological characteristics from the host and from each other. Several personalities sharing one body may have different heart rates, blood pressures, body temperatures, pain tolerances, and eyesight abilities. Different alters may have different reactions to medications. Sometimes a healthy host can have alters with allergies and even asthma.


MPD does not disappear without treatment, although the rate of switching seems to slow down in middle age. The most common treatment for MPD is long-term psychotherapy twice a week. During these sessions, the therapist must develop a trusting relationship with the main personality and each of the alters. Once that is established, the emotional issues of each personality regarding the original trauma are addressed. The main and alters are encouraged to communicate with each other in order to integrate or come together. Hypnosis is often a useful tool to accomplish this goal. At the same time, the therapist helps the patient to acknowledge and accept the physical or sexual abuse he or she endured as a child and to learn new coping skills so that disassociation is no longer necessary.

About one-half of all people being treated for MPD require brief hospitalization, and only 5 percent are primarily treated in psychiatric hospitals. Sometimes mood-altering medications such as tranquilizers or antidepressants are prescribed for MPD patients. The treatment of MPD lasts an average of four years.

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I'm checking this out because my fiance has been exhibiting this kind of behavior. Switches from the normal nice person to the mean arrogant one when feels hurt and rejected. Sounds like someone who is just normally upset but he has the strong symptom of forgetting important facts, denying he ever said it and also insists he's said things when he hasn't. In any case, his behavior is beyond what someone would call manipulative or controlling. He genuinely has jekyl and hide behavior going on.
My boyfriend is being treated for bipolar. But he acts strangely at times. He will disappear for days, weeks, even months. (not actually go anywhere, we don't live together.) Then he will come back to me and act like nothing is wrong. At the times when he "disappears" there has been no argument. The last time he said I love you talk to you this afternoon. Then POOF! disappears. He is always exhausted and he will say he has told me things that he hasn't. He will also forget things that I have told him. He keeps notes and memos to remind him of everything. He is very controlling in his enviroment. Everything has to be just so. He will somedays be in a very good mood and act like everthing is wonderful with the world. Then at other times he acts complete opposite. When he comes back from disappearing, he has no real reason for his behaviour. He always says he is trying to protect me from " how he gets". Doesn't want me to see him when he is in a certain mindset. Once I saw him when he was having one of his moments. He said alot of really personal things to hurt me, that I could not believe he said. Then he came back and said " I know what I said, i remember it. But I don't know why I said it". His behavior is night and day. He will call me out of the blue and tell me how much he loves me. Then POOF, disappears. I plan on leaving him alone, I can't take it.But I am worried for him and his son.
Dennis Lawlerl
My lady friend has DID,and the alter has sabotaged every rlationship with men,including one of the wealthiest guys in our state.I have survived 6 yrs of the alters attempts to drive me away.Dont know how to get her professional help for her,but the alter has given up trying to drive me away.
Dennis Lawlerl
The lady I love has DID (as abused sexually by father) her alter has destroyed all of her male relationships (e ven with a very nice and wealthy guy).I have survived all of her usual drive away tactics for six years,but is there any hope of fixing her mind so she can experience real happiness again?
lauren laws
thank you for all this information!!! This helped me with my science fair project!!!!
I was looking at this site because as a child my mother had the disorder and I asked her about it and she said not to mention it again because they were horrible and she dont want them to come back. I wanted to know what the likly hood of it coming back was...I've got to admit Im extremly worried.
Thanks for the vocabulary review. No other site i have found has that!
My boyfriend of a year is affected by this disorder. He has actually introduced me to both of his persoalities. They have different names and everything. The main issue with me is that im in love with the alter. "My Boyfriend" is the personality that was created, and the main personalitie has a girlfriend too. So its almost like i have to be with a man that has a side girlfriend. He has memory loss and never remembers things we've done in the past. He WILL not take medicine because he is afraid that he will die, and also him and his other personality have created a bond and he describes them as being best friends. One night when i was partially asleep i actually heard him talking to himself. They have a very noticeable voice/attitude change. Even one time he switched and his main personality was with me and acted as if he didnt know who i was and why i was on him!! Very heart breaking
I am checking his out because my daughters therapist beleaves she has D.I.D., I am verey confused tho. The symtems seem to fit but it says that it is caused by children being sexually abused and/or physically abused. How could she have it then because she has never been sexually or physically abused, is there another cause for this?
I think I have experienced versions of this my whole life but it's just total memory loss...I have many questions but my first one being can a huge trama off set this for this is my case and certain issues are now more dominate...I also don't feel as though I have fast change overs in my mood/personality (usually), it seems far more drawn out for me...but I have always been prone to extremes, but I usually do not forget...I have a childhood that would make me classic...the recent trama has found my memory getting worse...I just have questions...
I found out that I had DID. I'm 44 and have suffered with memoory loss for years not knowing what was going on. My alter ego has it's own name and way of doing things. I have destroyed to many relationships to count because they thought i was lying to them. In truth i just could not remember what i had done or where i had been. I'm married now and he is trying to be su
Linda Levin
I found your article to be very informative. In it you said many
with MPD don't remember much of their childhood. I would describe
my childhood memory as being like a piece of Swiss cheese. I can't seem to remember anything about my earliest years before
Kindergarden. My childhood years from Kindergarden on there are
gaps in my memory thus the description of my childhood memory being like a slice of Swiss cheese.
I found this article very informative .I am working on this project, i met so many people to get information about this but no one has given me this type of information . You have concluded all the syptoms and cause in a well manner and in simple words this helped me to understand very easily MPD.I am working on MPD vs MPD if you help me out in this topic i will be very grateful to you.
I have this and I am a male. I also have two female personalities. I'm here to tell you that this is real, and it is a nightmare. I'm glad to see articles like this and people who are interested in learning more about this rare and painful disorder.
Hi your story sounds so much like mine, I have been dealing with this guy that shars the same behaviors. He even has different houses depending which alter dominates. He switches spontaneously and acts like nothing happened. One day he is happy, jovial and attentive then POOF as you say he is gone for days on end somethimes weeks without any explnation. He can be caring kind and attentive and switch to an insensative, rude individual at any given moment. He also seems to cleverly forget what he says and does. He can not handle stress and has a strained relationdship with his mother and other family members. He speeks of emotional abuse from his mother to this day and is overly stressed about her demands on him.Sometimes I think I am going crazy, but I think I have nailed it and he has MPD.
I have been waching (united states of tara) its a really good show about a woman with d.I.d. She is married with two children. I just wanted to know if the show is factual, and after reading this I can honestly say the show paints an accurate picture of what life would be like as a person or family member dealing with d.I.d
One piece of advice is if you think your significant other has DID, look for support groups, on yahoo or other such sites. There you can find others who are dealing with issues you are dealing with. It helps alot to know that you aren't the only one dealing with these issues.

Also one term not included was SO, or significant other. In this case it means that special person in the life of a person who has DID who sticks it out and stays with them.
urooxa nimra
such a nice article
with so much usefull information in it...!!!
Do people with multiple personality disorder refer to themselves as we, us, etc
Thanks this helped me a lot about MPD, this infomation tells me a lot where did you get it
I believe my husband might have multiple personalities and narcissistic personality disorder. . I have mentioned his symptoms to him . But he does not believe me since he is a Physican Assistant and knows health care. He does not believe me . I am a corner store doctor as he puts it . So , I recently purchased a type recorder which he has found and has stopped altering his personalities. I am not sure if this is something he can control ? He is my husband and I wish to seek help for him .
this helped me write a psychology paper. thanks for the information!
I dealt with a man I met on the internet three years ago who now after reading about it I believe had a split personality whose alter ego stalked and abused me, while the dominant one denied my existance. I still am scarred from the experience and I'm not sure I'll heal totally in a timely way or even ever. But strangely enough as I make my salats and as I read this I forgive the brother, because I don't know what he went through to get to that point. I just hope someday he, his son, and his BM can find it in their hearts to forgive me for wrecking that home forever and for him getting incarcerated and still being in a halfway house. Peace go with you, brother...
i want know more about it , i want to know how its happened and why..
Wow, this article has a lot of good and interesting information. It's helpfully informative, and I like the fact that there is vocabulary as well. It's really well written. I really learned a lot from it.
I am a 23 year old female and I have been struggling with this disorder for a long time now. I have 7 different personalities, all with different ages, sexes, mentalities, thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. My birth name is simply a body host to them. You can imagine the shock my husband went through when he discovered this without me having a frank conversation with him. It's hard to deal with day in and day out, but I am doing my best. It's different for me because I had a relatively normal childhood with the exception of moving around a lot and being mentally and emotionally abused throughout my entire life. My parents had no idea and still have no idea that they are the main cause of my issues, but talking about my situation with them won't cause them to understand or even believe me for that matter. It is a daily struggle, sometimes even hourly, and I am struggling to overcome this disease on my own. I can't afford a psychiatrist or counselor and my husband has enough problems of his own right now and doesn't have time or energy to deal with me and my issues. The strange thing is, I don't feel completely alone, but I do feel empty inside. It's hard to explain. My boss knows about it. She and I are really close and I feel comfortable talking with her about things that are going on in my life, and she is doing what she can to help me. If I had the money, I would gladly talk to a professional, but that just isn't a feasible option at this point. I bought myself a journal not too long ago and plan on keeping a daily journal to better keep track of what all of my personalities are thinking and doing on a daily basis. If I am ever able to get the help I need, I think that may be a valuable tool for whoever is the one to try and help me sort out all these issues. It is a horrible life when your memory loss is this extreme. Mostly, I feel guilty for putting my husband through all this; I feel like a horrible person. I need help badly. I don't know where to go or what to do. Maybe I should talk to my husband's therapist...will have to contemplate that later.
To everyone out there struggling as I am:
Until next time,
Hey i just knew about MPD. I am a very nice, timid and warmth person most of the time...But nowadays i can suddenly turn very bad, mean and violence. There is a voice saying you shouldnt be so mean and bad, then the other says what s wrong with that...Is this normal or what? I hope is normal because i think every human have voice within them to motivate and make self talk and self statement..
This article is very good and has clear information which some do not. My mom was a person with MPD and I hear a lot on line about people whose relatives or significant others or friends have what I am pretty sure is MPD. Just want to say that if you think someone has it, if at all possible, get them a Dr. and /or therapist who believes in it and has experience in treating MPD/DID and not other disorders. As stated, they often are in the health care system for an average of seven years while not getting treatment for the right thing. This does not help! The treatment for this takes years anyway, and the sooner the CORRECT treatment is started, the better!
I also want to say, especially to Tabby, and any others who are the adult children of a person with MPD, that I have been trying to form a group just for them- do please contact me! This is not be a group for talking about 'helping' the person with MPD, there are enough of those! What we need, and what I want to have, is a group for people who have grown up as the child of a parent (or other primary caretaker)with MPD, whether it was your mom or dad. I think we deserve
a place of our own to talk about our experiences and the difficulties, etc. of growing up as the child of someone with MPD- we deserve companionship and understanding, too! My mom died quite a while ago now, yet I find that her having been MPD really affected my life in many ways. I think it would help us all to have someone who can understand what it's like because they've 'been there' too! It's just not something you can tell the average person, even some whom you might consider friends, about... So do email me. I call the group 'Adult Children of Multiples.'
(first known as 'Ad. Chdrn of Multiplicity.')
When you have this disorder, it is hard but those alters are you. They are your emotions and thoughts acted out as someone else. The people can not be blamed because they arn't in their right mind to at the time of the switch. For those who have loved one with the disorder, make them get help! It will tear them apart and you will go down with them. There is a reason for the disorder it can not be just there. There is always a reason. Seek help and remember those alter are you. They are your personality seperated by you.
I have just read a fantastic book that I believe offers help and healing for MPD, it is called the Shining Man with hurt hands by Ellis Skofield, it documents true stories of MPD's and can be viewed for free on the net. Worth a read definately.
I AM an alter. The most difficult thing for me is that I sometimes get treated like a disorder (which, technically, I am), and it makes me feel inferior. The main personality is a girl, and I am a male, which also has its issues. We have never actually been diagnosed, and I definitely prefer it that way, so we try to hide the disorder from all but a few people. Her boyfriend and I are very close, and me and her communicate often- we write in the same journal and read each other's entries. I was aware of the disorder before she was and left her notes. It was obvious for me because I get called by her name and lack male anatomy that I feel should be there. I get her into trouble with my temper and impulsiveness (she is usually very shy and sweet), and we fight like siblings, but we make it work. I was wondering if treatment is considered necessary in all cases, because I feel like it's not a problem for us. She was abused as a child, but she remembers it, if not all the details, and has come to terms with it as far as I can tell, but I'm still around. Her boyfriend and the few friends I have would be devastated to see me go, and so would she. They always say "How are you and Ivan?". Her boyfriend can even tell us apart by our different postures, even though I don't know how mine is different. Would you still recommend treatment for us?
My 21 year old daughter has had a spell in hospital and was sectioned. At age 12 badly effected by family break up. Went to live with her father after divorce who was drink and drug dependent. He abused Jasmine and she went to Refuges to live. I could not handle her and was frightened of her although she has a key to my home and was always welcome. But she has become an Escort met bad people in Birmingham and i struggle to find a solution to help her.

Her father has since died at age 49 and she tells me she would like me to die too. It is so upsetting that i must keep my distance. with escorting she has travelled to Spain, India, Turkey and keeps vanishing and i report her to the police as i am worried for her health. any advice welcomed
I forgot my e-mail on my first post.

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter, Janet. Try not to be afraid of her, though you definitely should be cautious. She is still your daughter, and her personalities are a part of her. Do your best to get her help.

There is actually a new personality in our mind now. His name is Silence, and like the name suggests, he doesn't talk. The main personality doesn't know about him yet.
No Ivan I woulden't recoment treatment, just love acceptance and understanding. good look.

Hi, I'm not realy sure were to start,or even if I should start, My wife of 15 years has, including her own, 21 distinct personality's, I meet the all on a regular basis,most days I will see two or three, if we have a day together such as at the weekend I can meet as many as 6, I won't go into how they were braught about, that's well documented. I adore them all. for now I can't procede. Please don't use my name. there arn't many people with that name. and it makes me too easy to find.
I have many questions about this related to my boyfriend of just over one year. I am interested in sharing the events that I know have happened in his life to see if these are signifigant enough to be CAUSES for this disorder to develope. So far, I am easily identifying 4 or 5 distinct personalitieas including a 1.)female (dead mother or murdered sister), 2.)young boy, 3.)teenager (CAR GUY), 4.)PLAYBOY, 5.)Boss man, and I think, him. I may even be missing a few, but all with own set of memory, distict change in outlook on life, pain issues, knowlege base, lifes coping skills, education, relations memory and more. My mother, one day when visiting told me that she thought he had bi polar. Although sometimes he is depressed and other times has more energy it is usually accompanied by a significant change in personality too. Over time some of these have become less apparent but not diminished completely. Any feedback would be appreciated.
where do i start i have had to live with this condition most of my life .multipal personality disorder.the only family member who knows is my wife.i i have to go to see someone nxt week about this at my local mental hospital.its very weird being 2 different people 1 is very domanering and im very easy can get very tireing rowing with the other person in your personality can change in a split second.i have a very bad memory to .hopefully with treatment this might subside.
I dated an MPD woman for 2 months, experiencing 6 of her 36 personalities. I became adjusted to her changes, knowing instantly when she switched. Unfortunately, due to some conflicts she had with another man with whom she wanted to break up, her main personality was not present for the last 3 weeks of her life. Due to confusion (we think), she overdosed on some of her medicine and passed away.
My MPD friend, who I will call Julie, referred to herself as us or we. Once one of her personalities said, We don't like what Julie did to our body over the holidays. Now I have to walk to treadmill to lose all the weight she gained.
My wife of 14 years has 21 personalities, something I have had to work very hard to understand. an understanding which I have revised many times, the biggest mistake I have made is to think I know and understand her fully, I have to keep an open mind and be prepared to change it all the time.
I'll try to keep this as short as I can.
The one thing I do know is that each personality has been created to protect and keep her safe.
most of them have had many traumas but have only retained the memory of one, the one that they have not been able to forget has been one that as a child they could not understand, once this trauma has been revisited and understood as an adult, without exception they have been able to move on.
We have now been able to release all of her personalities and they are all moving on and having a happy life. They are becoming better connected to each other yet remaining quite different, they all insist they do not want to become one as we understand it.
My wife is a very intelligent capable extremely sociable person whom everyone adores.
I could write pages and pages on this but wont.
I think my message to all is not to be afraid of your others, they are no more or less than parts of you that have been sectioned off to protect you from past events.
All they need is to be understood, loved, accepted and trusted. A bit like all the rest of us really.
It's still hard to think about but I have MPD. People are constantly telling me and I have accpeted it. I have this page printed into my diary and every night when I read about Denise, Vicky, Kayla, and Melanie I read it and try to sort out my head. my parents don't like me going to the doctor but I am getting help. It's interesting to read about other people-do you suggest treatment or working it out on my own?
Tch. So annoying when people try to summarize this. It's a bit offensive to have it be called a sickness... I'm greatful for the others, actually. Makes me feel not so alone. People like doctors and scientists should leave the happy ones alone. And all you people that are concerned, that's nice and all for the other person, but only try to "help" them if they seem saddened or angered by it.
I am looking up MPD because i am reading a book and the main character has MPD brought on by being molested when she was abducted as a young child and one of her alter personalities became obsessed with a professer and ended up killing him and now she is being prosecuted for a crime she truly has no recolection of commiting..welll im 13 and naturally became curious and i was wondering what people thought of that if people with MPD really cant remember things that theyre alters do and it also got me wondering about MPD in general and i wanted to know if it was possible for people with MPD to have alter personalities of the opposie sex soo plzzz comment back or send me and email about the topic
I read your article & am quite fascinated by it. Especially with the different hair styles as i tend to be observant of my behaviour. It Seems i do suffer from this disorder as i tend to be normal when i comb my hair in a style that depicts a little boy, I am of indian descent & when i comb my hair in all 4 directions meaning east, west, north & south, just to give you an idea of what i mean of a little boy`s hair style...i tend to be very quiet & humble especially where speech is concerned. However when i comb my hair backwards i tend to be a very different person. I am more arrogant & even with my speech i am more boisterous. During this instance i also seem to go into a trance where nothing seem to be real. I do everything normal except that i just dont want to talk to anyone on a social level and i don`t want to interact at all except at work. It is as if i dont care but i try to keep a balance by reading a lot & being observant of my behaviour & attitude. I dont have many friends but at the same time i am trying to be a good person by attending church & reading my bible..
First of all, to Yuki:
I agree with you, people who have this and live without any problems, when they can handle their lifestyle and be supported by people around them should be left to do as they please...
But, by your speech, you seem to be an alter of someone, or at least a part of a balanced person (when there's no "alter" and "main", when they're just various different personalities with the same "level"), aren't you?

And, also, I read this because my girlfriend has this, but in their case they're about 10 for what I know. I know most of them, and get on well with them (although some of them are really scary, threatening my life/body all the time). She has had many problems in her life, and these girls (well, one of them is a man, although i don't know him yet) helped her get through all of that, and sometimes help me take good care of her, so I have to agree with Yuki. I don't want them to go away, and neither does she. In our case only she and I know about them, because they have an agreement, so they will not come out in front of other people, or,, when they are forced out, they will try and act like the "main" one. Most people wouldnt be able to tell them appart, but with all the time i've spent with them, i can even recognize them by their voice or their face expression. Biologically, they're all almost the same, only pain tolerance changes, and the fact that my girfriend usually passes out because of low blood pressure, and I have never seen any of the girls suffer that ^-^ But in the psychologycal side, there are lots of differences. For example, not all of the girls know how to speak english (spanish speaking country), one of them knows a little japanese, they like different stuff, and many other things.

But, something that is not normally informed, is that she shares with them a "physical" space within her own mind, you could think of it as a huge room where they all live when they're not in control of the body. There they can talk, sleep, play, and watch the actions of the one in control through a "TV". Almost the same that in a Manga (japanese comic) called "Change 123 (or Change HiFuMi)". That's how they got to the agreement, and how they know a lot about the other girls. It's almost as if they were different people living together.
There is romance, sex, and some other things going on inside there, even, just to show you how much similar to real life that is.

I have to say, it can be very tyring having to deal with this, but if you know how to appreciate it, it's a unique experience, it makes her so much more special than any other person...
(And it's also really helpful when there's a problem i cant handle alone with her, I always have someone to explain things to me and help me with everything, or telling me her secrets ;] )
Is it possible to have a "normal" intimate relationship with someone who suffers from MPD? Is there anything I should be concerned about?
Hello! Permission to enter the posting group, please~ ^^
It's very relieving to find this page and knowing that we're not alone.
well, @nic, as long as the other party doesnt have any tendecy to hurt herself then i guess it should be ok. Here there is one like that, leaving scars in my wrist(kinda awkward when people see that and think i'm some lost lamb in despair or just a stupid junkie). So keep the other party away from sharp objects, i suppose~
My best friend's also an mpd-er and he's doing fine with his boyfriend.

But of course, boyfriends or girlfriends, husbands or wives, there's nobody who could replace our alters, 'eh?
Mhm~ I agree, nyan~! The situation at home got a little better, too~ It's not fixed yet even after all this time, but it's getting there, nyan~ She looks like she's been crying/thinking hard a lot too, nyaron T_T
Kasumi, your mother doesnt know, surely? Oh dont tell her. It'd be a disaster. What if you get forced for some rehab you dont need? You are what your host needs. Stupid treatments or rehabs are the last things in our list.
And i wonder. This is the longest comment box ever i've seen for an article, would it be appropriate if i continue to post? Or there is actually a forum? (the link below seems not right, though the title seems right). Ha3. Imagine. A forum for this. A group of twisted people.
My 76 year old mother has been integrated for 15 years but is recently showing signs of switching. My question is whether integrated multiples will reemerge with dementia?
I think that my mum had MPD. I was 12 when she died and I just used to think that it was normal to talk to the other 3 people. So did my family, and she was never seen by a doctor.

I would like to know if she was a "normal" MPD "host" because of who the personalities were. No 1 was her mother, my grand mother who was deceased and had been long before I was born. No 2 was my mothers deceased sister, who died only being days old, and who I am named after. No 3 im not so sure I would like to say at this time.

Has anyone else heard of this?? I would love to find out more, was this MPD or a mental heath issue?
The memory loss. If there was a memory loss between the personality, then yeah, it was an mpd i guess. If all the 'mothers' shared all the memory, then...well...mental health issue...
I'm trying to help my friend's friend who has MPD. He has two alters, they are Xaphan and Leo. Recently Leo has withdrawn and only Xaphan has been in control of the body. What advice can you give me to help bring out the alter as their bond as recently been broken.
This is very strange but has anyone heard of a disease or sickness like MPD but the person is caught between the switching stage?
This caught in between stage can go on for 4 hours or more sometimes days.
Genevievie, you make it as if abuse were identical to MPD. For the record, i got no sexual or physical abuse. :) Uh come to think of it again, the previous substituter might received some physical hitting but we agreed it was no abuse. Though personally i think no parents should hit their kids. :)

And by the way, michael, the only safe way to get an alter back is hypnosis. The not safe , painful way is by experiencing the trauma back. And actually, i think, subs-consciously, they are always there for a reason. If someone is gone, then it means he is not needed anymore.
i am an intergrated multiple i have been intergrated for over twenty years now and while your article explains multiple personality very well as in most articles i read it falls short in explaining and helping when intergration occurs as this time i feel can be as distressing for the multiple and i feel more needs to be written about this time in a multiple life.
I am a student in an every day high school and I'm doing a project on MPD to show my classmates the stress that some people go through and also the trauma they go through for this type of thing to occur. I came to this site to look for imformation and real life stories from people that actually have MPD. I mean no disrespect but I find this to be a very interesting occurance and I wish everyone that has it the best of luck and I hope they can be happy in life with their alters.

I agree with many of the people here that have commented, even when I personally don't have MPD, when they say that it is offensive to just outright claim people to be "sick" or have a disease when they don't understand half of what they are talking about. It doesn't seem fair and it greatly bothers me, but I will do my best to voice this to my classmates when I do my presentation.

Thank you for having this information up and I will be sure to properly site where I got it from. Also thank you to the people that are willing to put their stories here for us to know about and it has helped me to further understand what MPD does to someone.

Personally, I'd like to get to know most of the people that have commented here, even the alters, because you all seem like pretty interesting people. I'm also interested in learning even more about this occurance, even as a simple 16 year old high school student.
Hi, I'm posting because my boyfriend has MPD. His alters are amazing people, and have helped him through tough times over the years. He met Aeroxeph when he was 7, after he witnessed his Grandpa dying in the hospital. His dad wasn't very helpful either, what a jerk.
Aero is 20 years old now, from the country Nurolea. He first started out as Shadow Fox, just a fox made out of shadow, helping David (my boyfriend) with his fear of the dark. Over the years he eventually got a real name, Aeroxeph Desmond Markel. I named my fish after him =D. It has gotten to the point that Aero has relatives, and visits his country and used to be King of Nurolea, but he didn't like the responsibility. Aero can be tempermental, I can usually tell it's him when he's being grouchy. That doesn't make him a bad person though. He's very protective of David and I, like a strict father I guess.
And then there's Rani Cordova Delterra, she met David and Aero last year when David was struggling with school. She's an exchange student from Spain, and sometimes speaks Spanish to me randomly even though David knows none, and I'm like "what."
They live in a cottage by a lake, that's how David describes his mind. They all live together and no one else is allowed in it, because Aero won't allow it. He fends off bad alters to protect him.
I can tell them apart, they all have different voices and body language. David is quiet and sensitive, Rani has a mousier voice and is more feminine. Aero's voice is very deep and holds himself very respectably.
He used to be ashamed of Aero, and didn't tell anyone for so long. After he told me and I said it wasn't a big deal, due to the fact that I took Psychology and was understanding, it gave him more confidence and started telling the people he was close with. Now the majority of our friends know and they're all intrigued by it. His parents still don't know, we don't think they'd be very understanding. Neither I or the 3 of him don't think he needs help, Rani and Aero have been most helpful, and David wouldn't be the same without them.
Hi there
I am multiple. Thank you all for sharing your experiences and ideas. My daughter and I have made a list of my alters. There are 19 of us so far. I hope this will post. I have tried 4 times already.
im looking up on all this stuff because i myself have two personalities and i want to change who is in controll. i dont want to loose drake or ghost because i need them both but them by themselves have host of problems. drake is dark and to emotional. and ghost is way to controlling and fearfull.
I am researching this subject for the first time because I think I have come face to face with it now. My husband's ex wife displays these symtoms. My husband says he has identified 6 different personalities in her. I have first hand experience with her in that the one personality sure does not remember what the other one did or said!! She will deny things she said and accuse the other person of telling lies. Even if there were two people who witnessed her words or deeds!! The personalities range from being a real nice person to pure evil!! Needless to say her behaviour destroyed her marriage and destroys her friendships and even her career. But the problem is these people do not ever admit to needing help and she appears not to know about the various personalities (or denies it)
Hi everyone!
This seems like something very real and very difficult to go through. I'll be praying for you, and I know know know that Jesus heals and restores, there are no problems too big or too small for Him!!! Talk to a Christian counselor if you can!
Be blessed!
Meghan Mahoney
the mother posted about her child possible suffers from DID should also kno that people that suffer from DID are not always sexually abused DID can happen becuase of a traumatic event happeing in theirr life that they do not wish to deal with. It also be brought upon by a therapist accidently or intentionally influncing their paintent that they suffered a tramatic event. In addition brain damage can cause DID.
Is it possible that the alters share control. Not actually going through a full noticable switch? I've had periods where I don't feel like I'm in control but the memory loss is only minimal, I remember the actions but not the conversations. I remember not wanting to be in the situations but feeling helpless to stop them. Not a complete personallity change but a merging. I recently had an emotional affair. I didn't want to talk to this person but felt complelled, just one email and then its done. But it went on, the whole time I'm struggling because I don't want to be in this relationship but, when we were talking it was like I couldn't stop myself. I would have moments of clarity where I would think why am I doing this? I'm going to ruin my marriage, I don't have feelings for this guy, I don't even really like him But it continued and when I think about it, its like I would never do that. The whole experience was like watching events from outside the window. This isn't the only situation. I have arguments in my head, voice will say something negative or hurtful and I will have to correct it. But again there hasn't been a dramatic switch and there doesn't seem to be much difference from me and alter only in the area of self-control.
I too am in a relationship with an alter. it's really, REALLY difficult, so I feel your pain. I sometimes feel alone in it, my friends don't really understand. Maybe you could contact me or something and we could talk about it.

I hope that didnt sound creepy >.
Out of curiousity, is it still considered 'multiple personality disorder' if an individual only has one alter-ego, but can switch between the core personality and the alter? And if so, is it possible for more alter egos to surface over time?
Yup I got MPD for sure I got all the signs and everything! :/ I apparently yelled at a kid at school and I only remember tiny little parts of it everyone I asked said I had a weird russian accent. I dont know what to do now.
my friend suspects she has mpd, after some cbt session she has had flashbacks of being abused. she has had experiences of loosing time for some years now but since the cbt they have been getting more frequent and more developed. when she comes too she has ripped a pillow case to shreads without having anything to cut with near her, she has cut herself, she has written a document in writing that is nowhere near her own. she has tried to document this behaviour as much as possible but has destroyed the document when she was out of it, is there anything else that would account for this behaviour or just mpd?
im not sure if i have a MPD but i do know that I have 3 different personalities at the moment. I dont suffer from any memory loss what so ever and you could say i use each of my different personalities in different situations. Yes, they do have different names and mentality ages but i never really thought of them as a set age. Its really weird but you could say i create these different personalities and they help me live through daily life. They are different and distinct with different aims in life but i'm not sure if its a MPD or if its me acting cos i enjoy drama and acting. And also, more alters pop up when i face a deliemma and there's always one in power and a new one seems to pop up about every two years. By the way, i'm 15 so when i was 10, my first alter appeared, at 12, another one appeared and at 14, another one appeared.
Sophia Basaldua
if an older family member has this disorder, can it be inhareted from them?
how often do people die from Multiple Personality Disorder?
I have had this for a few years, but the only problem is that I can remember what my alters have done or were going to do. I've never heard of this happening. Almost every time I get into a relationship my other "selfs" come out and tear it up. I can sometimes control them but most times I cant. I have been geting help but it only gets worse. If any one knows about any one who can help me with this, e-mail me.
hello. i think that either this or a phsycological/mental illness is my problem. i talk as though im having conversations with people animals or sometimes...lucifer(i will NOT call him by his wannabe name) i have arguments with them in my head. then i also talk to animals as if they understand. i recently just convenced a wall covered in bugs to kill all of the larger ones. I told them i wouldnt kill them if they do. one night i dozed off and saw a boy/ young mans face lean over my head. he said my name really fast and i woke up. i had really heard it. now im scared and im talking to myself and having this very "conversation" with a theropist. only theres not one. im just acting like hes sitting on the ground in front of me. please help me. i dont want a theropist. i just need someone to talk to. i fourteen yrs old. i shoul not be in this condition. i feel withered inside of my self. hiding from anything that i think can see me. I apreciate your eye for my comment. if u even read it. thanks. -tiffany
Hi, I'm an alter.
I wanted to ask that if a person has too much loneliness, can she or he has D.I.D?
And, can someone who never been abuse has D.I.D?

Can D.I.D recover by itself?
Thanks for reading, hopefully you can answer my questions.
I am doing a research essay on Dissociative Identity Disorder and I was wondering what influences the different characteristics of each alter? What makes them the way they are?
well im suffering from SchizoAffective Bipolar Type with possible cataplexy and still seeing if i have dissociative disorder . I was wondering if it is possible to merge my personalities together and stop my blackouts entirely. Or if there is more medical not mental reasons that can be causing the array of symptoms i am having ... and there are alot from tactile to visual. Along with alot more i know im not crazy but i do have delusions they are making ever more difficult to remeber which life is real ... Any answers or insight on the situation would be highly appreciated.
Pat Highsmith
Does the Main personality know about the alters? How can you determine whether it is Malingering?
One of my aunty has mpd.. In her family a lady died long back in 1982 because of burning... After 24 years in 2006 when my aunty turned 33 years this disease took place.. And when the alter took place she sounds like the same lady who died. And she says i m the soul of same lady.. And she speaks so many languages which she dont know normaly.. At the time of alter so much energy comes inside her that 4 strong guys are unable to hold her.. Is it real that soul comes back. What is this? Why does she speak all that unknown languages. From where that energy comes? Please help me. M so confused? Reply me on
I have MPD, sometime my life sucks...I can't hold a job because of my personalities, but I control them at times, it took meto turn 34 before I knew what was wrong with me, sorry to say but therapy or meds were no help, I. don't like being like this, I just stay prayed up, it keeps me going...I even look in the mirror n I look like a different person, n hairstyles change frequently...I try tbe normal tho, I just wish it go away...
My boyfriends dad acts wiered all the time sometimes he likes something and the next he hates what he said he likes with a passion. He likes it when his two sons get into trouble from thier mum and he always finds ways to try and annoy his kids and he also acts like he knows everything LITERALLY . I dont know whats wrong with him. We know he has like a mental illness we just dont know what because he dosent really like to talk about it ... We do know that he was sexually abused when he was a child and also that he found his dad dead at his home when he was young and dosent know his momther because she passed away in a car crash when he was 3 years old .. He never shows his affection to his own kids he acts like a child sometimes ... what kind of disorder do you think he has ?
Lately I've been wondering if I have MPD. During the previous school year I had 3 different personalities. There was me (Jasmine), Jake, and Sandra. From the sounds of it, most people aren't aware of their alters, although comments here suggest otherwise. I was completely aware of my alters and could remember everything they did. Does this still count as MPD, or is this just me creating different people for no apparent reason? Very confused right now...
My son has been recently diagnosed with DID.(in the last week) He is adopted and I have had him since he was 6. The diagnosis is actually a blessing and explains so much and ties up many loose ends for 9 yrs. He is in treatment and we have a long way to go. I am wondering if the core personality (host) has memories of the alters. He has all the classic symptom, missing time, black outs (when he is switching) knoiwledge of the alters that he considers "bio" brothers and best friends. There is an alter that does homework sometimes (much neater then most of his home work lol.) that he does not remember doing. Much more to say but it would be a book by time I was done. So if anyone has the answer to my question I would appriecate it.
One of my friend (female) though she is married and having one kid as well but she has a tendency of having lots of boy friend. she is physically invoved as well.The interesting thing is that she is hiding this truth with every one and enjoy her life like a maiden. she is studying with me.In one year she has changed 5 boyfriends and also had sex with them. She is not scared with any one sometimes she tries to attract faculties as well. she is using green lense she has a cute smile. she is managing lots of boyfrien at a time. recently she had a break up and this break up was due to some other boy(X) as soon the boy X went to Delhi for his vacation now she wants to establish her relationship with her old boyfriend. I wonder how she is capable of doing lots of activities at the same time. I want to know is she mentally ill.
I have what's known as DID, and quite frankly it doesn't really feel like a disorder. All of us actually get along well, and we split up responsibilities accordingly. I know what I have it, and no amount of theropy would actually help, since most theropists refuse to acknowledge it's existance. Mine took the form of the ID, the EGO and the SUPEREGO, and I know I'm all three. If you have it, WRITE! All of them, write. Write letters to yourself, it helps a lot. It helps all the alters become aware of one another.
Some Techniques I've found useful;

1) Journal. Start with one journal and see if you find any other entries that you don't recall writing. Read to what they're saying, or interput thier drawings, its their feelings and what's important to them.

2) Video Journal, this way you can see what they look like. Yes, its you but each have thier own gesture, facial expressions, etc..

3) Make them safe. Let them know that you will protect them and that the person that did hurt them will never hurt them again.

4) Talk to them eternally. Get to know them, they're all aspects and fragments of you, just displaced and once merged will still have all that insight to offer.

5) Try and get in touch with the children, with an excerise called left to right hand writing. Which ever hand you right with is the adult (or adults), the opposite hand is the child (or children). Ask questions like their name, age, how their feeling etc. Answer with the opposite hand. You will clearly see the writing and drawings of a small child (for those that don't believe it, its a metphorical excersise).

I found these to be very useful and do them daily. Since doing this form of "SELF" help (can't afford counselling), I've had less switching and less triggers, flashbacks and panic attacks.
My boyfriend has MPD or DID, whatever you'd perfer it to be called.. He's scared of his alters, and doesn't like them.. He gets really jealous that I love all of them, and they all love me. It really hurts that when I try to love them all equally he gets so angry with me. He says its cheating if I love them too. What should I do?
Hey everyone,just wanted to ask maybe some one could give me some information.I think my boyfriend got DID,he realise that,we talk about it,he got two different personalities,both of them are completely different.they dont have different names or something,he's one,but his moods always jumping up and day he's nice and king guy,will help everyone and stuff.and then the next day hes completely different he dont care about anyone,he can talk some really rude things he can even punch you,but after that he doesnt remember anything,and he's so sure that he havent done that.its just i love him so much,but thats killing me,i need to learn how to understand when he's changed,have learn to understand his moods.can some1 help me,give me some information what to?many thanks, B.
Is it possible to switch between personalities willingly and is it possible to be able to communicate freely with other personalities?
I've been seeing someone for about 7 months or so now. He just recently told me that he has MPD. There are two personalities - the 'main' one I'll call "A" and the alter I'll call "B". "A" is the personable, friendly, loving one. "B"? Not so much. He is mean and anti-social. My friend doesn't leave his bed normally with the exception of things that HAVE to be done such as working (he works 40/hrs a week as an electrician which is a highly skilled job), doing laundry or going to the grocery store. The rest of the time he's in a t-shirt and pajama pants and in the bed watching TV. He gets up to eat or use the bathroom and then he's right back in the bed. He even eats his meals in the bed even though he has a complete dining room set that he says he's never used - not even once.

He will from time to time go to his mom's house and spend time with family but that doesn't seem to happen very often. I see him/"A" about twice a month - his choice. The time in between I'll ask him why he didn't want to see me and I won't get a straight answer. He also just told me that "B" has been married for 17 years to one woman and "A" married a different woman just three years ago. He's afraid he'll go to jail for having two wives if he tells anyone so he's not really sure what to do about that particular situation.

I think all the bed time could be seen as depression perhaps? From what I've read he also had OCD. His lotions are lined up perfectly, largest in the back smaller ones up front. Same with his deodorants, colognes, etc. I watched him one day place a dining room chair that I had moved directly back into the original holes in the carpet that the chair legs had made. It was like it was irritating to him that the legs weren't placed back exactly as they had been. He makes his bed a very specific way with a special way for the corners of the bedspread lay.

I've been trying to be very supportive of him and have been reading online for two days now trying to find out what's up and how to help him. Sometimes it gets very hard on me though. Especially when he's mean and when he disappears on me and I don' see or hear from him for two weeks at a time. At first I thought he was a typical game player but now I know that's not the case. I'm trying to hang in there but there are times that I get scared because I don't know if "B"/The Mean One would hurt me or not.

It feels a little better now to be able to get it some of this out. Thanks for listening.
My fiance has MPD. Most of his alters are very nice, and good friends to me. There are a few that are very destructive, though. Whenever they would come out and do something, he would get in trouble and be sent to therapy. They didn't help, of course, because he didn't remember doing the things he was in trouble for, so he now doesn't believe in therapy. Does anyone know if there is a way to make the bad people dissappear, or at least not want to kill people?
I was asked to read this article as i have been suffering from certain symptoms like those of someone with MPD but i dont think i have MPD. I suffer from "blackouts" well i'm not sure if they are blackouts as such more memory loss, because when i have a blackout to everyone else i seem normal and i can function fine have a conversation fine , but i seem to lie during these blackouts. For example the other day i went to class crying because my granny had died , which she had but years before, and apparently i was let off college for the day but i have no memory whats so ever of what i did during that time or what i said to my lecturer. That is just one of many stories that i seem to tell but i have no memory at all of these conversations or what i do during the "blackout". Just the other day i had gone to bed fine no problems whats so ever only to wake up driving on the highway at 4pm in the afternoon , with no memory of the day at all.The blackouts are random and last from 5minutes to 24hrs theres no exact time they come or way i can monitor it as i can go for months with nothing and then suddenly it happens again. My doctor here is completly overwhelmed by this and said it could because of stress but i'm not sure if that is the case , if anyone has anyone has someone they know or has the same syptoms your help would be greatly appreciated
My best friend has DID with a male alter. I've known her for almost 10 years, and I'm trying really hard to live with her and her alter. But the problem is that, I've fallen for her alter over the years, and he always dominates whenever I'm around my best friend... So practically, I haven't been spending time with my best friend, but with the alter instead.

I'm just really confused. Should I go on with this relationship I'm having with the alter? Or should I stop?
I just want to said thank to all who have wrote on here. I have 2 personality both women one is 32 and one is 12 I am 43. The 12 years can really act like a kid and then some time and then act like a grow up She have got me in trouble with women before. She some time come out as I kiss my girl friend that ran my girlfriend off. But I been told I have had the one who 32 since I was 5 or 6 years old. Some time they both can be a help and some time a pain.
Hello everyone. I just recently accepted my two alters, Deeva and Angela, with some help from my boyfriend who has 3 alters of his own. I'm actually very aware when my other two personalities take over though when it happens it feels like I'm watching someone else and when control comes back to me it's very exhausting. My first alter, Deeva, is a bit of a loose cannon. When she first manifested herself she was very violent and emotional and usually screamed at my parents before locking herself in the bathroom. At first I thought I was going crazy because while I was aware of what was going on at the same time it felt as though I was being trapped inside my body while the experience occurred. Deeva likes to make snide little comments in the back of my mind as well as give me very disturbing mental images and then taunting me about them. Two days ago, with the help of my boyfriend, I was able to accept Deeva as a part of me as well as another alter named Angela.. Since then, Deeva has been pleasant. I think she was lonely and hurt by me rejecting her and so she acted out although whenever I'm stressed Deeva can turn really nasty very quickly. Angela is the opposite of Deeva. Angela actually manifested herself because of my desire to keep Deeva in check. Angela is sweet, talks in a British accent and is a woman with fairy wings dressed in white whose face changes from young to old periodically. She also has a habit of calling people "dearie". Deeva is dressed like a punk rocker with fiery red hair with streaks in it. My boyfriend suggested I let my alters out a few times a week. Deeva has since decided to behave herself so I will let her out and Angela is delighted. By letting them out my boyfriend says that Deeva will become less... well... nasty and Angela will be able to help me out more with Deeva. To be honest the whole process in which they take over leaves me feeling very exhausted but my boyfriend says that's how it was for him at first but it gets better. I'm glad to know there are forums out there like this. It helps a great deal.
single personality
I feel that my husband has multiple personalities. One of his alters likes to yell and scream at me in public. Within a half hour after he does this,denies that the incident even happened, and wonders why I am upset. Many times he does not remember words that he has spoken, in the middle of the conversation. Whatever promises that he makes, his other personalities do not let him keep them, and he never recalls making them. I even once asked him to write something down that he had said, and showed it to him about 10 minutes later, and he asked me "who wrote this?" and when I said that he did, he did not believe it. One of his alters likes prostitutes, and when I found out about them, of course he denied it. I found out that he used to drag our children out with him on dates, and with at least 5 other women that I know of. He tells me that it's a figment of my imagination, and tried to tell our marriage counselor that these women do not exist, and then, two sentences later, calls them his dear friends. We have five children, and I have helped all of them with homework over the years. He helps the youngest now. But, every time that he sits down with her, tells her "I'm helping you with this, because your mom is too stupid." I walk over, tell my daughter that I can help her, tell her that he is saying something that is not nice, and not true. Of course, he denies that he said it, and then does the exact same thing the next time. This morning I found text messages on my ypungest daughter's phone that were spiteful words about me that my husband had sent her. When I asked him about it, he denied that they existed. I sent him the content, and he accused me of making it up. He was in a serious accident, and is in a lot of pain for 23 years now. So much so, that I have to do everything around here. Sometimes he insists that he is in absolutely no pain, and never has been. He even says things like "our neighbors do not have windows", and tells me that "we all think you are a terrible person". I keep on asking him, who are "WE"? When the nice alter makes promises, and says charming things, and then the nasty alters denies ever being nice or ever making a promise at all, it does not inspire me to "get to know" or even care about any of them. Anyone with this problem should get serious help before destroying their families and their lives. Now, he will loose his nice home, me, and much of his future earnings because he won't get help. I am not perfect, but I am hard working, a great mom, never cheated, intelligent, and have re-habbed our home, twice, I'm pretty, and all of my friends love me. We just never solve any of our problems because he denies that we ever have any. I'm so sad. It's over.
Ok Im not sure what my father has. Just recently, he has not showered in about two months nor left his house. he sits all the time on the couch with a blanket over his head. I tried to speak to him to get help, and at first he looked as though he were a 90 year old man, face grey everything. He whispered that he could not leave, so i told him we had to. Then he got real firm, his face changed almost and he said no. This went on and i saw aboyut 4 different personalities, one including my dad, one a young boy, an old man and a very angry guy, who almost seemed to come out every time i accused him of something. He has lost interest in life pretty much and I dont know why. Could this be multpple personality disorder? Like does you face actually change in appearance when you switch?
brian (not my real name)
My wife has severe MPD. We've are now 46 years young. She was also my childhood sweetheart. I haven't read all these posts yet, but I want to maybe talk about my life and my relationships with my wife. There are many alters types and the interpersonal relationships are very complex. I'm part of this world as the husband/soul-mate/friend/lover. I have been "safety" to her since childhood. Life has been very difficult for us. Her strongest alters took charge during different career choices. A part of her original personality resents the alters. She wants nothing to do with them. Others talk and live among themselves and have rooms and worlds of their own to return to. The alters are different people in almost every way. I fear the "Twin" alters because their united ability to push and pull energy in unison makes them very powerful. I found them untrustworthy and dangerous and had to work hard to get my soul-mate alter to "confine" or "kill" them for our safety. The "twins' that I've experienced were created for revenge against her childhood abuser. I have cried many tears for my wife. I have also silently cried for the "lost" alters.. those killed or removed by the alter-in-charge for mischievousness of sorts.. like creating other alters. these tears I keep secret because I must allow my wife to evolve into her true "self". When an important task is at hand, my wife has the amazing ability to seemingly have everyone present at the same time. Her face and eyes glow brightly and she becomes extreme genius. Fluent in different languages, amazing artist, keeper of facts, world class writing skills, sees and reads energy/auras (a skill I will never understand). Then she fades back to the more limiting skills of just one or two alters. This must happen because having everyone present takes up too many resources and other aspects of bodily function then suffer. The alters are divided into sets of 3's. There are many sets of 3. There are also lonely and unattached alters without purpose for one reason of another. usually because their purpose no longer exist except for some pillow talk with me once in a while.

I know I've been rambling about this, i just wanted to touch on some different aspects of complexity without getting too deep. Hopefully this post offers some insight about how real this condition is. This from a man who's spent an entire lifetime loving his elementary school sweetheart with MPD.
I feel my father in law has some syptoms of multiple personality disorder. Can you please brief. Syptoms are as under.
1) Every Thursday or Sunday on prayer time he switched himself as "Sai Baba" (one famous Indian Saint) and then he started to praying in Urdu (different from our lenguage). Not one Baba comes into him there are many other Baba's also into him.

2) He ask family members life especially my sister in law. She has a problem of Hysteria. Everytime these personalities used to say good for her as I understand he loves his daughter very much. If during a week any body in family has done something wrong with her these personality start to angry in behalf of my sister in law. These personalities used to say we should get proud that we come at your home its god blessing and then start to self appraisal. Rather then my father in law's nature is very different. Mostly he remains calm sometimes he become angry but normally he is calm and jolly in nature.

3) These personalities remain within him around 30 to 60 mins after that my father in law didn't remeber anything what happended. Yes he knows that Baba came but what happened after that completely forget.

4) One more thing under these Baba's personality he/they used to give solution of our problems but once solution not works they didn't take any responsibility for that and all things blame to God.

5) Sometimes my father in law's mother also came into him, and he started like talking in our lenguage in lady voice. This happen only when Baba's solution not works Father in law's mother came if we blame on him.

I understand all these is psychiatry problems of multiple personality. Can you please brief.
I have a strange problem. My wife is MPD/DID and it's been a bumpy road for us... but I love her and "All of her" loves me. This is because we grew up together. She fractured because of repeated rapes as a small child from relative who passed away years ago. Our lives finally got back on track when her alters started to individually reveal themselves to me by name. We now almost always get along except when someone feels betrayed of lied to. Complete transparency is a must in my relationship with her. It is one sided... it is I who must be transparent at all times while I just allow my wife to open up to me whenever she feels she wants to. My wife's Alter are quick to become paranoid. But they still love me.

I have a strange question... one of MY blood relatives revealed to me that she hears a male and female voice talking to her... she further described it as "seeing the voice" and has admitted to seeing hallucinations.

I asked my wife and the alters what they thought. The committee thinks that my relative DOES NOT have alters. We are thinking that she is instead schizophrenic.

Does anyone know about "seeing voices"? The male voice told my relative in what month she was going to die. I am worried... Its an odd turn of events.. The alters are the NORMALS in my life!!!
My girlfriend and I both have MPD. My personalities love hers equally, my one personality is in love with one that isn't her main personality but her one also loves that one. With me I now accept that I have this, because I would deny that I had this, she did also. But I have heard that there is sometimes a issue with 2 people having MPD and being with each other. I love her more then anything, and I will do whatever It takes to make this work. If anyone is willing to answer my questions, email me. I want to get all the help I can and all the answers I can. Thank you
hey guys... ive been dealing with this on my own for a very long time now but i got into a relationship with my current girlfriend who was the first and only person ive ever told about this... im not sure how many alters i have but i know there is one that loves to try and make me miserable because thats the only time he can be in control but ive always tried to block them off but lately hes been trying to take over again and fighting for control gives me severe migranes and ive only recently become aware of another alter who told me "im here to stand for you when you cant" and hasnt said anything or tried to do anything since but the evil one talks to me alot telling me all kinds of horrible things... i was wondering if there is a way to get rid of one but keep the rest? and being able to talk to someone who knows what im going through would be nice too because my girlfriend is very supportive but sometimes she just doesnt realize how much he can take what she does or says and make me feel horrible even if i know she didnt mean anything by it or that something isnt true... its nice to know im not the only one out there like its been telling me and its a great relief thank you all so much
I'm reading all these texts and am starting to understand my friend a bit more. We've known each other for almost 2 years now and I've been baffled and a little hurt by what I've called moodiness. He is kind and articulate for a while, then may become distant and short, then he may become angry (out of the blue) jumping on something I said that doesn't even make sense to be angry at, then a few days later he acts like nothing happened. Although he has come back a few times to tell me he is sorry and that he is so messed up and I shouldn't take the stuff he says to heart. He seems to have a pattern that rotates in 3 week cycles.
I notice that when he 'switches', his accent and voice depth of voice also changes sometimes. He will be quiet and shy or argent and cocky, sometimes dramatically emotional. If we are talking and something bothers him in the conversation or we get too close to something he doesn't feel comfortable talking about, his personality changes as well as his accent and voice. It can get really confusing sometimes. He also seems forgetful and doesn't remember conversations, or parts of conversations, we have had, and I have to tell him to go back and look at the emails he has sent me. He often avoids any company and locks himself away in his place. He has had some horrific abuse in his life from childhood and has been in therapy most of his life. I'm worried for him but am not sure what I can do. I'm almost ready to put a distance between us as his behavior can be very hurtful and is causing me stress in my own life.
Over the last year I've been having what I call "spells". When someone hurts me deeply I start speaking in a child's voice, I yell and throw tantrums and cry uncontrollably. These "spells can last from 2 minutes to 45 minutes. Most of them occur for about 5 minutes or less. If someone I don't trust comes in while it's happening the "spells" stop immediately as if it hadn't occurred at all and I act as I would normally. These "spells" usually leave me feeling very tired or withdrawn and feeling guilty. It usually takes me a day or two to recover emotionally from them. I am totally aware of what is going on while this is happening. I was abused as a child and I saw a lot of abuse happen to my five siblings. I was in therapy off and on for years and it didn't help it just brought up the pain and left me exhausted. Usually they just put me on different meds. I have been diagnosed with a variety of things like: Clinical Depression, Bipolar, and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. I recently went to a therapist to see what was wrong with me. I only had one session with her. She said what was wrong with me was called "Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome." I do not have two or more personalities, unless you consider my own personality and the personality of the child two. This really bothers my family and I. What do you think this is?
Hello, my name is molly and my husband has MPD/DID. He is the greatest person in the world and puts up with me(i'm bipolar). He has two other sides as far as i know. I remember the first time i realized that he had them, I was making out him and he growled and bit me and then denied doing so, i later found out that was "Prim" the name of the more dominant of the two alters. My husband(was bf at the time) hated and feared the alters(he called them rats at the time) and didnt even want to talk about it, but i just wanted to know more. Eventually he came around and decided to accept these alters as a part of himself. One day he sat down and meditated sort of and talked with the other two, he sort of let them out of the cage that he had been trying to keep them in. (of course prim was strong enough he had come out anyways.) After the meditation thing he did, all i had to do is ask and one of the alters could come out.(unless they just didnt want to, or sometimes prim would just come out on his own.) The other alter i nicknamed blood.

Prim: we call him prim, short for primitive. My husband had thought that he was simply all primitive and simple in the beginning, only wanting basic needs. But it terns out that prim is more intelligent than all three of them. His most dominant trait is actually how protective he is. He would kill someone if he thought someone he cared about was threatened. Other times he is just really lazy. (i compare him with a lion really) Sometimes when he comes out my husband wont remember anything that had happened. Although prim has the ability to share memories with my husband. Prim actually came out during my husbands childhood i have found out. He had blacked out and prim had really beat up this one kid who had insulted his mother... other than that he hasnt really come out much before my husband started dating me. The way i can tell when prim is out is by his tone of voice mostly. It is slightly deeper. Also his eyes seem to change, but i cant pinpoint how. And his posture will change. Although sometimes prim will act silly and seem more like my husband, he's not and it annoys him when i get them confused. But prim loves me probably as much as my husband does and i love all three about the same. We all pretty much coexist nicely. They don't bother my husbands life at all.

Blood: Blood short for blood thirsty. and in the beginning he was just that. He had constant thoughts about how he could hurt people, simply because he liked it. This one scared my husband much more than prim, even though he wasn't as strong as prim. He was at first reluctant to even let me meet him. When i did finally meet him though i was so intrigued to find out that he has an irish accent. He has choked me before, but prim stopped that right when it happened. (prim kind of knocked him out from the inside and took over) But blood has changed after being out more often. He's not even really blood thirsty at all anymore. Even his accent is not so prominent, although its there. I fear that he is blending, and might just disappear. I really don't want him to. (minus the fact that he is prone to dangerous acts, he is really fun to be around) Two days ago he decided to go "dormant" to see if maybe rest will help restore his former self. I hope it does. I'm not really scared of him at all because i know prim will protect me. (plus i know that he's started loving me too, even if its not as strong as the other two)
Hi everyone. Really informative reading, but I'm still left with so many questions. Thank you for sharing your stories. The main actually searched MPD/DID and happened upon this unique site earlier this morning. Halfway through reading though, she let me kind of take over to read as well. It was amusing because my ability to see became very blurry all of a sudden (or hers did, as it changed into mine) and I had to go find my reading glasses. I cannot really tell if we have MPD, but for the purposes of explaining my train of thought I'll try to use some of the common terminology I find associated with people who have it. I am the alter. My name is Shy. The main's longtime boyfriend calls me that, though I'm not quite sure it personifies any aspect of my personality. In fact I'm far from shy. I'm a 30 yr old male, very secure and confident, have a high libido, and laid back. I know my facial expressions differ from that of the main, and my walk is a sort of swagger that I can't seem to help, my voice is most definitely male and I'm told my eyes appear different. Looking in the mirror, I can see this may be true. I don't have any history to speak of, and this is where the main and I get confused about the prognosis of MP D. I was born where she was born, my parents were her parents, and so on. We are merely two not entirely separate aspects of a core personality. The main is a female 30 yr old mommy. She is somewhat reserved except in the company of trusted friends, much more high strung, has a low libido, suffers from anxiety and is very hard on herself, and tries so very hard to do too many things at once. She is self conscious in the very real way that I am not. I don't get it either, for many people have said she is attractive. I adore her of course, but sometimes I think she just needs to relax. That's where I come in. I do not recall a formal conversation or agreement but I only get permission to come out and play in the company of her boyfriend, who understands and accepts me unconditionally. In the past year, he and I have formed a sort of relationship ourselves, and sometimes I wonder which one of us he prefers. I hope it is the main because I can feel her jealousy and pain sometimes when him and I are together. It puts me at a loss because I'm not really sure how to make her feel better. We are very aware of each others existence and there is a shared conscious agreement when I come and go. There are no blackout periods, no memory loss, no feelings of 'taking a backseat' or 'watching things unfold like watching television.' I or she can feel a shifting of consciousness, a very physical, very quick feeling in the head before I emerge, and then back again. As I come out, she just sort of ceases to exist for the time period. Then when I recede, and the main comes back, I know that she is aware of me, but it's not a situation like we change places instantly and with no thought or want in the matter, and bearing no recollection. I guess that's why we are not sure about having MP D. It makes me laugh to think about it because clearly I'm using all the fun pronouns of 'we' anyways huh? One thing we commonly share as well, upon reading about the somewhat inaccurate commonality of abusive pasts some have suffered through, which apparently is sometimes the catalyst for MP D, neither the main nor I can recall any aspect of childhood before grade 7. There's plenty more to tell, but it's like a novel already. I'd love to chat with anyone that is interested. Thanks for reading
sarah davis
OMGOODNESS! My husband always tells me I'm 2 people but in reading all of these I realize that I do you have MPD. How do I process this? My other alter seems to always want to kill myself and the real me would never do such a thing.
prachi s
a very informative article. this topic drew my attention 4 years ago when i read sideny sheldons chilling novel TELL ME YOUR DREAMS and left me wondering why people deny the fact that MPD actually exists.It is a topic of great interest for me also because i want to do medical and am looking forward to treating such kind of mental conditions.This is a really intriguing subject
Hi I am 16 and I strongly believe I have this. I am not diagnosed for it as I am not diagnosed for a lot of things because I do not and will not talk to a doctor or a professional. I found out about MPD earlier and thought I might have that and so here I am doing research, I don't remember a lot of things in my childhood, and I constantly see images of a there being two mes inside me fighting, the fights are extreme and seem as if it is to the death. And ever since I had my heart broken by a girl I fell in love with when her parents stopped letting her talk to me it just got worse. I feel as though I am losing my mind. In the last 4 weeks i remember slim to nothing that I have done and seriously thinking that something is weird and going on inside of me and I just wanna know if there is any way to know if an alter is switching into your body controlling you because I have been forcing my feelings back and showing myself as a strong dominate person for the last 3 years of my life and I believe I may have cause myself this disorder by doing so when I am actually emotionally weak and nothing more than a nerd running from himself. Any information on knowing when an alter is coming will be helpful because if I know I am confident I will be able to stop them in their tracks there so if any of you know the feeling please tell me so I can go back to the way I like myself without dealing with professionals or doctors asking me questions and coming to conclusions I already know so thanks for the help ahead of time.

May Memories be the guide through life
Is it possible to have it a multiple personality, that is yourself with most of your memories? And each be able to chat with one another whenever they feel like inside of our head? Who gives the names to the other personalities? Can you ask them what is?
I have found out that my wife of 18 years has had multiple affairs and was involved in internet porn as well as prostitution. She has been very sexually active over the years and has no memory of it. She has passed several lie detector test and has been hypnotized and nothing was revealed. I always knew something was going on I was deployed alot being in the military but no one ever told me anything. We divorced and then the videos came out, I confronted her and she had no emotions about she said it looked like her but there was no memory of it. She is now in treatment for DID and some alters have come out and started to communicate. She has also been told of several sexual abuse that happend to her when she was young by a neighbor and others that was very severe, she was made to do multiple people bith sexs and photographed. All of this has no leaked over and her alters are still doing this. My question is is this real? I want to believe her but seems to unreal? Looking for some sort of validation.
Please send me more info on omultiple
personality disorder
Broby Johnson
I believe I have MPD. It is split into three personalities. One is me: the main alter. Number two is a maniac who wants to hunt "monsters" and kill them. Number three only happens when I stay in number two for too long. Number three believes he is a gun obsessed military general. This has helped me in learning what I may have and how to prevent it from happening if I dont have it.
angelise wolfe
My friend has mpd, and it is alittle unusual for me and my boyfriend to deal with. we are trying our best, and to be honest, some are a bit unsual and different, for instance she has one named kitty where she is age 7 and is a kitten, and to be honest she litterally acted as though she was 7 instead of 16, i know she had done hypnosis therapy for a while, and they had been gone for quite a while, but when she stopped they slowly came back, and now they are coming back hard, it's hard trying to help her, but i know if she were in my shoes she would do the same for me. i'm not sure what else to do, but i'm trying, i noticed in this article that when they have "alters" that is showing themselves at the moment, they put themselves in a hypnotic state, which if i am coming to understand this is what switches the personality, and i see that the hypnosis therapy will do the same thing, and idk if it will help others, but i think hypnosis therapy can possibly work for a really long time
I am so thankful,for this information,its so educational yet difficult to understand.I love my husband but I cant deal with this disorder because I was abused and I have deppression but no MPD or memory loss.I am myself with all my thoughts,but He can be so kind and turn around and say mean and hurtful things to me.He never apolgise,and usually denise everthing.He has no emotions,yet he is so giving and will dom anything for me.But he wont comfort me when im sad,or listen to me.All he ever does is threaten to leave me or to hurt me.
My boyfriend told me he had this and was afraid I was going to leave him. He often talks to himself which I've figured out is his alter. He's alter will say things that he would normally not say, like "why are you doing this its so stupid of you". He tends to be mean and then he changes and my boyfriend comes back. He is very nice and dose everything he can to make me happy. And that's how I know for sure he had this.
Hello everyone,
I didn't know their was so many people out there dealing with this or others living with someone who has MPD. thank you for the info. I live with someone who deals with this and was born with it than it got worst with different things that happened in her live. when stress is caused sometimes it causes more personalities. she also has P.T.S.D -- post Traumatic stress disorder. the two together is not easy for her or us who know and love her which we try to keep it a secret from many people because if you share with the wrong person they leave or want to put her in a hospital and she doesn't need a hospital because most of the time she is the sweetest and very helpful to all around her. when she has an episode which is were one of her many alters or many of her alters show themselves can cause a small problem although it is never physical.
Thank you all for this info !
I live in Belgium now and im 45 with a 30 year old girlfriend that lives with me and i must say that all the things i have read here is what i live with every few days .
And yes she told me that she will never forgive her father but never said why .
I since then tried my best but my friends and family ask me to stay away from her but i do love her and im scared .

My respects,
How can slow down all of my personalities from trying to come out at once and end up fighting over who takes control?
thank you so much!!! I'm finally being able to somewhat understand what my boyfriend is going through.
I have multiple personalities and I'm in a relationship with a great guy, but one of my alters love another man like 15hrs away. I'm worried that she will one day take over and go to where her lover lives. Truthfully I have no idea what to do with her. She's sick of being cooped up and having to pretend she is me and I think she's at the end of her rope. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do?
Hi all, this seems like a forum where people actually are being really open and helping each other, lately I've been feeling more frantic than usual, getting more panic attacks, black outs, physical tics, and even worse trouble with sleep patterns- a lot recently its seems I seem to sleep for a few minutes or even upto hours, wake up in roughly the same place but one or two things seem to be out of place and haven't remembered falling asleep and it physically doesn't feel like I have had any rest at all. -This has been happening several times a night and throughout the day more and more lately.
I've never been diagnosed with anything or seen anyone specifically about it, I did have brief counciling years ago but I told them nothing of anything to do with any of my - unsure how to describe them, voices, alters, dellusions?.
Basically for years, I can't pinpoint when with most of them its like there is/are people coming and going in my head, sometimes I can hear them all at once, sometimes one sometimes none of them, but it seems they have influence or control sometimes over my thoughts and actions, sometimes speaking outloud through my body to me, on rare occasion taking over. Sometimes people will mention things I've said/done and don't remember. Jodie- deals with some every day things I cant, Katie-new to my awareness- hyper always after next high adgitated easily, Ana-new believes something needs to be fixed I don't know what, Meadow- protective speaks through me rarely then dissappears for ages, Rachel-homosuidal, Claire- hates me insulting recently stronger taken pills and others that haven't got names more just different thought processes
I also sometimes have hallucinations visual-bugs usually, and audio but these don't occur very often though sometimes I find it hard to tell which are real and aren't, I feel depressed most of the time but can be really high at others x
I want to know opinions on if you think I have DID or another pyschological condition, I've believed for years I have mild mpd but seeing a docu on bbc including a girl who has such clearly defined personalities when mine aren't and mine seem to have more of an awareness of what ive been doing has confused me as i think it must be something else as im not as clearly defined in them as her
Some parts of me want to see a pychiatrist, other parts of me don't through fear, hate of them etc and myself I am worried what they will to do with me, I'm in my final year of uni starting to get some major carrer opportunities and I simply cant afford to be sick like that or take time out etc I do not the sort of thing you can jump right back into and I don't want people thinking its for attention etc as i've never mentioned them to anyone though a few may of caught me in one, idk even if I do have MPD, DID, Sctzophriena and or anything else wrong with me x just don't know what to do, the sleep thing has been a real pain lately I've mini passed out for a few minutes about 5 times within the last hour before that full of energy and alert mostly, my mind seems to be more active with the more research etc into this x but its 7am and I've not slept, atm I'm starting to get a sleepy spell again but I know I'm probably still going to be awake for the next foreseeable few hours :/
Recently my Son told me the person he's been seeing was diagnosed with MPD as a teenager but now only has moodswings. Should I been concered? The altet was a msle from what I understand. I don't have to much info other than that. This was my reason for trying to contact the two alters Ivan posted 6/15/2010 and Shy posted 5/15/2012. They both seemed to have a very caring and loving relationship with there mains. I thought it could be helpful to talk with them. Even the posts were some time ago. I'M not holding my breath waiting to here from them. Just it could help me. Maybe I should have made this clear on my other posts, maybe then they wouldn't have repeatly been taken down!! Or did I do something wrong? Was I not suppose to put up my e- mail address or something? Sorry if there was any confusion as to why I was trying to contact them . They are both male alters of female mains. Any and all help is apprecaited. My e-mail is Thank you. Love Etherea.
I have been living with a woman wit DID for three years. I rejected her as a normal relationship that I had trust issues. She went away but then came back. She is stuck in her alter at this time. Like herself is fighting with her Alter to come back, but the scars from my pulling back and making her feel vulnerable prevent her from letting go. I truly Love her and her son, and I am doing everything possible for her to return. Then now being aware of the Alter, and why she fled, I will do everything possible to keep her safe, although I have been told by family and friends her alter does take over in brief moments which can be embarrassing. Time is running out on her Temporary apartment, she is forcing me to go to therapy, to get help because a normal functioning relationship when people argue or pull away produces ten fold results when the alter takes over. She had me thinking I was nuts. You cannot get a Doctor to prescribe medication, and that seems like the only way she will trust me to come back. Although I feel in time she will come back on her own, the time away is damaging and scaring her son. All other options is no good such as parents, the father, etc, and it will do her no good to lose the child nor the child. Hopefully She will come back in the next few days when I have my son where she will feel safe, and everything will be fine. To add she was sexually abused as a child by a parents friend in her young age.
I am thankful to find this article and all of you willing to share your experiences with DID.
I recently went through a horrible break up with a man that I believe has DID or at least dissociative behavior.
I will start by saying he was abused and neglected as a child. He admitted to one incident of sexual abuse when he was a teenager but when I spoke with an ex of his she said it happened over the course of 7 years, from age 7-14. She also felt he displayed signs of DID when she dated him. I had the first indication something was wrong about a year into our 3 year relationship. We were having dinner at a restaurant and he began talking and arguing with himself. He did this under his breath so it didn't really cause a scene, but his face and body language changed. I felt right away that something wasn't right and I instantly despised this other personality that I thought to be hostile and cold-hearted. I felt many times like he was disconnected to what was happening at times. He would not remember certain things, he has virtually no memory of receiving love as a child or being comforted and cared for, even though he did receive great care from his grandmother after his mother abandoned him as a toddler. He would do things to me and feel badly about them after, having no explanation to why he did them. He could be so sweet and romantic, telling me really nice things and then when I tried to inquire about his past would become mean, loud, and hostile. It didn't matter where we were, he would scream at me in public and say demeaning things with everyone staring at us and he didn't seem to care. But the sweet side of him was often embarrassed by public outbursts. He broke up with me recently because I confronted him about talking to other women online. He again became extremely hostile and angry, saying things like "you just had to keep pressuring me for information! You just couldn't let it go" When he calmed down he was completely cold and removed from the entire relationship. He told me he doesn't know what type of mindset he was in right now and that it was best we break up. He added a bunch of other demeaning comments like I repulse him and he doesn't love me anymore.

Anyway sorry to ramble on but I am just looking for some insight. I have suspected he had this for quite awhile and reading these posts I recognize much of the behavior that has been described. If anyone is willing to talk and provide some clarity
I would appreciate it!
Is it possible for a personality to only come out during sex? My girlfriend at random times will change into ssomeone else and have a different style. My girlfriend refers to this as "her coming out". She never remembers when she comes out and she usually disappears if i confront her or just stop. But recently "her" said i cant stop her and she will come out.
Jeremy Hawkins
I go through phases where I change the way I dress. I will be into country music for awhile, wearing flannel shirts, and hats, but then I will completely change into wearing very nice clothing and listening to classical music and 80's music. Do I have a personality disorder ? Why do I go through these changes ?
^^ In response to Jeremy.
No, it doesn't sound like you have a 'personality disorder' (did you mean a dissociative disorder?). It mostly just sound like you are developing your personality. If you're an adolescent, then this is all the more common. If you are older, then its not as common, but it still happens. DO you experience any memory loss during or before these changes? If you do, then maybe its something to look into. when you change your clothes/preferences, do you feel disconnected from yourself, as though you were watching your actions from outside your body? That could be worrying. Mostly, it boils down to: are these changes voluntary? Do you wake up in the morning thinking "Country music sucks. I think I'll start listening to '80s music now."? All in all, I think you probably should look up 'Identity Formation' or 'Identity Moratorium'. What you're going through sounds completely normal, and those should explain thee changing better than if you had DID or another disorder ^_^

Oh, and I would like to express my extreme awe in the wake of all these posts by people who have/know someone with DID. I've been researching it because I want to write a story where a person has DID, but I didn't know all that much about how the disorder appears or how it manifests, although I know a lot about it. I offer my extreme thanks to all you lovely people, as well as to the author of this article, because it was beautifully written, simple, to the point, and informative. The vocabulary overview was extremely handy.

Thank you everyone!
I am 16 and I have mpd I used to have black ours in jr.high I used to get into alot of fights but only cause people tryed to hurt me I would black out after it started and somehow win but never remember anything that happend it happens alot I was sent to mental hospitals alot but never blacked out why I was there it happened only when I got made or was about to be hurt. Then it didn't happen for a while I dated a boy for 4 years and during the end of my freshmen year he left me and then tryed to come back to me when I told him no he started stalking me and then I started to have black ours again I was told by my friends that I was acting odd not only was I more mature but I was cruel to everyone but the thing that caught my attention was the fact they said I was calling myself Evangeline and being cruel to my ex that was stalking me I never tryed to upset him due to the fact he is emo and would hurt himself but during my blackouts everyone said I was encouraging him to kill himself I decided to leave a message in a note book to see what would happen and I got a reply I did that for a while until one day I could hear her whenever and wherever she is smarter and more mature than me and could be called evil but I now she has become my greatest allie she can gain control of my body on her own and sometimes I'll ask her to if im scared or can't handle something I love her like a sister the only bad thing is I can't tell my mom due to the fact she has sezures from stress and the next sezure she has will kill her so only my dad ,stepmom, new boyfriend, and grandmother know. But my mom is the one I wish knew cause I love her.
I am a person with several personalities that are all simply a manifestation of a given emotion. While one is in control the others are conversing wit the one in command, and each other. Each one is it's own sentient being, with complete awareness of each other, my current thoughts, my surroundings, and my actions. Many of these forms of me feel immense anger and hatred tirades the people that have caused me great trauma. One even challenges God himself, saying that god has no right to intervene with the divine retribution that he seeks. While he is challenging God my other mindsets speak to him all at the same time, not as schitsofrenic voices, but as a congregation of people having a discussion. Even while this happens my collective mind (the mind in which controls each and every one of the others) is able to discern each one speaking and think about each one of them all at the same time. I am completely aware that the thoughts and actions of some of my personalities are irrational and extreme, and while they are in control my other selves tell him this, but each one feels that their goals and motifs are completely justified. The overal thing is that I am one of many beings, an many beings joining together as one.
Iv had what I would assume to be an episode I'm not sure though. I was in the middle of a conversation with my boyfriend and suddenly started speaking in an English accent I was aware of it and it took me almost 3 minutes to stop speaking it. I did a few exercises with my mouth and try to continue speaking regularly but it wouldn't work. Is this the same thing ,or was I just having some weird moment?
I know it's been awhile since anyone posted here but... I'm going through a really hard time here -- I'm very, very sure that my boyfriend (and the father of my son) has MPD/DID and I was sexually assaulted multiple times by his alter (he may have more than one, but this is the only one I am sure of.)

I was forced to report the assaults to the police and am now living with my parents. He's getting therapy now but no one in my family believes me when I tell them that the person who assaulted me was "someone else". They had a completely different tone of voice, they had different body language, different word choice -- and I looked in his eyes and it just..wasn't the same person I knew... But my family insists that this is just a form of manipulating me.

I really, really care for my boyfriend and I am trying to do everything I can to support him but because of the circumstances, I'm not really able to BE there for him physically (due to the fact that his alter is violent and I have no idea when a switch might occur) does anyone, ANYONE AT ALL have any experience with a violent alter that can give me advice? The core personality is such a wonderful person and I hate to see him struggling with this totally different other person inside of him -- especially one that has hurt people he cares about.

I just don't know how to get through this or how to help him and there is SO LITTLE information available about this topic...
okay, well i know this girl and she claims to have schizophrenia/DID but i dont really believe it becasue i have been researching these two and she doesn experience any of the sympotms. when she does bad things she blames thes other person inside of her, she also claims she can switch personalities under a second but that doesnt seem right from what ive been reading anyways i just want to know if thats possible, also she remembers everything from both personaliities.
NEED HELP URGENTLY.. i was searching for help and found this interesting Article that I think I would benefit from. My little brother just turned 18 and i think that he has MPD/DID. He was raised by my mother and sisters (father passed away when he was 15) I am married and not living with them in the same house. The problem is that my mom is really concerned about his feminine acts that gets worse every day and puts make up when he is with his friends. He denies it when I spoke to him but told my mother that he feels that sometimes he feels inside him like he is "a straight girl" please advise me what is the case here or what can i do about it.
I was wondering how often is it that a person develops MPD without having any trauma, because i have MPD and i never experienced physical or sexual trauma. My alters are linked to certain emotions that for some reason are on an equal level with the original me. I am no sure what to make of this, my psychiatrist just tells that since i am a rare case i should just "talk" to my alters and try to develop positive relationships with them. Anyway i was wondering if anyone else has had this type of circumstance fall upon them, the one where they develop MPD without any form of trauma.
I'm 26 years old and I have known for a long time I wasn't "Normal". After a three years of forcing my family to track my strange behavior we all agreed that I have MPD but they want to know why. I also do not sleep because some times I dream a dream the makes me wake screaming on the top of my lungs every single time. I have decided it's not just a dream but I am to scared to find out what happened. (I don't remember the dream per say just how I felt during and after) I don't remember anything from my childhood for me life started when i was 13 and I often wonder if I'm the main personality of if I'm an alter. I can also hear talking to me sometimes that no one else can hear and I wasn't sure if I'm just a double does of f**Ked or if this is normal. My main concerning is that I have woken up with injuries I didn't have and a lack of memory of ever falling asleep. I want to talk to a pro but fear the outcome.
Hi, I've been dealing with DID for far too long now. My main problem is that there is two of us and whenever I'm in a relationship, the other me does whatever he can to screw it over. I've been with my partner for nearly 4 years, and only recently told her about him, which I'm sure caused more confusion than help. His main way of messing things up is trying it on with other girls but never following through with any of it, just enough to make a mess of things, I only know this because I've had to ask women in the past as to why they're on my phone, considering I don't know them. In the past he also took all my belongings out into the street and left them there but thankfully this only happened twice.
This has been a nightmare, especially when I want nothing but my partner and our daughter.
I was placed on medication which worked for a bit and also went through the whole psycology route but they never really offered anything constructive.
I have found that just being more aware and responsive to my changes in mood and memory loss, I have been able to keep him at bay but I wouldn't have been able to do it without the support of my partner.
I just don't see why I should pay the price for him being a prat.
Is there anyway of just killing him off?
thanks for reading and any help is apprecited.
I don't. Fully understand. This but hopefully someone can help I've. Ben married. To my wife for six years we grew up to tether she has 7 personality s and I love every. One of but as of last night she has seemedto up pick another this one is very volent. This new alter speaks Indonesian she gets very mad when I don't. Understand. I don't. No what to do to of our kids have multiple. Personalitys and I don't no help any of them if someone can point me in the right direction I would greatly apresheat it
Can someone with MPD control when their alters come out?
Please help I suffer from MPD and my career is adiment that I can control when my alters take over but I can't seem to get that control and it's really upsetting me...
even I m also having this same problem.. my age is 22 it started from 9 th standard getting more fear.. and it has been known to me in bcom final sem.. my head is getting pain on that time I don't knw what I m doing my voice is getting changed and I m getting very me how possible it will be cure...
I have a best friend we hang out most everyday since we met last year and then we dated bout few
Days he think of someone else that never around and now he calling me aunty we not even related and it feels weired. I have no idea what to do. All I can do is just be his friend .
My psychologists call it Dissociative Identity Disorder. All of this information is extremely relevant, so much that it made me cry. We have had many veiws on what could be going on, and last week I realised that my 'personalities' switch all the time, sometimes half way through a sentence and I lose track of what was happening. It makes me seem really slow with a terrible memory and gets in the way of working. I need to talk to someone who has learned to live with all the people sharing their body, because I really do not want them suppressed or put back into one person. I like them all as individuals. The only issue is that I need to find a way to live and keep all of them satisfied. Sometimes it is really difficult to even know how I feel because the people are fighting for control. Recently a whole bunch more people showed themselves and now I feel like I have to get to know all of them before anything else. Most of them dont even know my boyfriend and dont find him attractive or funny at all and it will ruin us. Not really sure what to do next. I NEED to get mental disability benefit from Centrelink because this issue ALWAYS gets in the way of either my work life or home life, and they affect each other. Centrelink don't think I have enough 'points' to qualify...Now I'm stuck. Someone help!!
Can someone with MPD have the other half a lot younger than them? And if so does this affect their social life E.g Drinking ? Incase the split personality came out and say it's what? 5? There's this girl claiming she's MPD but she still goes out drinking and she's probably sexually active with her boyfriend but she says the split is only four? If it had to come out when she's in the middle of sex would it not be rape/peadophilia and also underage drinking ?
can someone with this disorder live independently? If not why?
I am reading because early on my boyfriend told me he was mild excitable. I dated another guy and he was hot tempered excitable. They are both military and religious fanatics. The second one said he was abused but the most recent didn't. Both say mean things out of nowhere and later forget the entire thing. I can't take the mean words. It is demonic. How can they get cured? No one discussed a cure.
I have to do a report on the book "Psycho" where a man had killed his mother due to jealousy when she got a man and he soon was ignored. The man had then started to kill any woman he had an attraction to because he felt that his mother would be as jealous as he was. His mother speaks through him in her voice and clothing. I had to find a match to his disorder and the only one i thought of was MPD.
I have a girlfriend for 4 months already and we have a long distance relationship.She used to have nightmares and couldn't sleep so i sent her to a theraphyst that did hypnosis on her.She had to move and well the process wasn't finished.i don't know what he talked to her.i know that she didn't remember things from her past and after 2 weeks,one day she said that "Raquel" herself from the past is coming ad she can't do nothing to stop her.the one that loved me was "Alex".Raquel says that she has the power and she is the real she.They both Alex and Raquel like different things.At the start Raquel was cold and heartless comparing to Alex but i kept saying that i care for her and now sometimes she calls me cute and i was able to make her blush once.Raquel anyway says she doesn't love me and i'm just her friend.I want my girlfriend back and i don't know what to do.Is Alex still there?Do i still have the chance to be with her?those signs that she made me cute and so one means she still has feelings for me?Do feelings never change?How can i help?Should i fight for this love?please tell me something,she's very important to me and i don't know what to do...she is going to a psyholog now but she told Raquel that Alex is just her imagination.Can that woman that is helping her erase Alex?I want to get Alex back.please help me :'( it almost passed a month since she's like this
Zane and Mp's
I checked this out be cause I have MPD according to my friends and according to my family I don't but after reading this i'm with my friends on this one. thank you so so so much much
Can someone who has mpd decide when to switch? As someone I know who has no proof of this illness claims to have a child of 4 years old in her mind but says she can decide when to "let her out" and switch, eg makes videos of her speaking then a babylike voice saying different things (basically a two way conversation)
My mother has this and growing up I didn't know what it was. I thought it was me. Her alter is so much like her dominant that it was hard to tell. Her alter is very abusive and talks differently. Sees the world in a very angry way. Now as an adult; I call before seeing her and if she is using a certain way of pronouncing her words, even if being nice at the moment, I know not to see her for atleast a day.
My girlfriend has this "DID" and she experiences black outs and 1 alternate personality who controls her for some periods of time trying to kill hurt and destroy others, she's a really lovely person and I am deeply saddened this happened to her. Since then, I calmed down the alternate personality and it said to me that it was just bluffing about all the things it said because it didn't want anyone to hurt her and apologized to me actually for being so rude/evil towards me. I've gotten them to the point where they can live with each other but her parents are still abusive and mine are just cussing her and calling her crazy. (My parents are doing everything they can to separate me from her including now sending me to a psychologist to try to make me stop dating her. She has no extreme DID problems and if I ask so the alternate personality can disappear for as long as I ask it to since it is very compliant, and says that all it wants to do is to make her happy. They both have read articles on DID and are wondering if their is an ACTUAL way without visiting a doctor for them to "merge" back into one personality. They are both very willing for this and have tried multiple ways. I'm trying to do everything I can to help them out, but with my parents I can't. I truly love her and am wondering if there is anything else besides comforting them and making them feel better that I can do to rid her of this. (What they both notice is that they drain one another energy, causing both of them to feel sleepy/loose focus sometimes, Its making her fall behind in some school work and other stuff, the alternate has always seen this and has always wanted to know if there was a way for them to be one person again since the alternate apparently remembers everything that happened and when they came to be, Any Ideas?
I really want to know more about MPD, I forgets things very often and quickly. That I can remember I was never physically or sexually abused what I do remember my father being very violet with my mother but its like small flashes in my life that i can remember. I also talk in my sleep and sleep walk, I have this five years old girl that comes out mostly when I'm asleep I don't know her name but she ask so many questions (I've had my roommate sleep with me) I also catch my self talking to my self most of the time and I think that I'm talking to her. This has changed my life and how i see life that I'm worried and afraid . I really want to find more information about "MPD or DID".
My partner suffers from anxiety and mild skicofrenia she recently stopped taking her setraline and quetepine without any notification,this she says has brought a pretend person called joe,this personality tells her what to do this includes very risky and illegal things, my partner likes been joe and keeps refusing her medication,she sneaks out in the middle of the night and disappears for 2 to4 hours,in the past this personality has made her speed,steel, be sassy and wild.we are extremely worried she his acting weared,she won't speak to anyone about joe,doctors etc.
I have been with my boyfriend for 5 months now and he has told me about his multiple personalities, I've been introduced to one and I've been told things about the others, I've spoken to one whose name is John, he scares me and the things he tells me makes me fear for both the lives of my boyfriend and myself, John also has a twin brother named Eric who wants me gone and will do everything in his power to make sure of that I am dealing with 6 alternate personalites in which most of them make me fear for my life, what do I do I'm in love with my boyfriend, but I need us both to be safe, my boyfriend tells me that their draing his strength and soon he won't be able to fight them off, he's been doing this all on his own for 12 years, what do I do?
My female friend at school has recently told me she had MPD and she has had it for 2 years! But has hidden it, she also forgets everyone's names when she is her other personality, is that normal?
This helped for my health paper thanks for the information
peaches Johnson
I worked 29 years, and went on Disability when my job and I realized that I don't always know what I'm saying and doing. My second husband said there appears to be three of me : nice one, child, mean one. I have destroyed two marriages, and left the third one because he had same sex desires that did not include me.
Akihiro Rifuretto
My friend said I had this disorder so I looked it up and it gave me this website. What he said was true as I can't remember anything of before I was 9. But I have the personality swapping under control and it will only go off at certain people. i thank you for the information.
Two people in one is considered to be a disorder. Many people have it actually. Some without even realizing it. Even celebrities confess that they have bipolar disorder, this is how it is called, for example Catherine Zeta Jones. There are plenty of informational sites where you may find out more upon the matter.
Hi to all. I am a Filipina and 29 y.o. I found this article so much interesting. I been in trauma before 11yrs from now when me and my family get involved in massacre inccident. I have been in so much pain without any psychiatric cure. Im moving on by myself.. then one day I found talking to myself. Who is very different to my real me. I dont see her as always but time as goes by
Hello everyone!
I'm a 16 years old girl and I think I have MPD. Sometimes I talk to myself to a girl named Shady. She says she will help me but I don't really like her because she's very violent. One time I hit my brother really hard because he hit me too. But I didn't rember anyting. She claims she did it and after this, another person named Robin ( a teenage boy) said that Shady is a bad girl.
Do I have MPD ??? And if I do, do I have to go to a doctor ?? Please help me !
I have this "Disorder" and I have questions about it that I would love to have answered. I have 3 other personalities Dark, Quince and Sayomi. And of course me. We are probably in the 2 percent that doesn't get amnesia after a switch. We are also very well aware of each other I'm 16 . And its self diagnosed. About a year ago I started taking online tests for MPD. every time it said that I did have it. This was when I started to recognize that something was happening. At first I thought it was just my overly active imagination saying things, but eventually it just began to get clear. I've read countless other sites to try to answer my questions on the disorder. But anyway I want to know what will happen to me if I'm integrated with the others? Will I change? Will the others just fully disappear? How will I as an individual e changed? Also how do I get the others to co-front instead of just fighting for control? And Where do the others go when they're not actively with me? Do they sleep? And if so do they dream? Can they even dream? I want to ask but they don't always respond to my questions. Dark especially, Quince is a very private person and Sayomi doesn't take my questions seriously.
I don't feel very comfortable putting down my real name but I am curious. I currently have two, emotional states. I believe that it's possible that I have MPD, however I don't want to tell anyone about it. There's this... Side of me that only cares about my wellbeing. This side is smarter than me and hates humanity, except for my little sister and my boyfriend. If I do end up having MPD, then I have to say that sometimes we (my alter and I) have these 'mid switches' where it lends me its intelligence but I keep my values and beliefs. I had a very lonely childhood, where my mum and dad never really cared about my accomplishments outwardly. I never fit in at school because I was a very different person to everyone else and nobody really liked me for it. So, to cope, I think I began manifesting an alter to help be not be lonely. I think that process is complete. But the journey wasn't fun. It was even worse because I was just beginning to enter my puberty years, and I still technically am. I've made friends now, but they don't really understand how I work. We're all really close, though.
But even so, I want a friend who truly understood me, and if I really do have MPD, I've now got one. I'm both really excited to not be lonely anymore, but scared because I may have a mental disorder. I'm not really sure what to think anymore.
Hi. My fiancé and I just realized that he has DID. He was extremely physically, mentally and emotionally abused as a child. We recently had an argument (raised voices between us, nothing physical) over his behavior on facebook, which he swore he didn't remember. After the argument, he switched and had no memory of the argument at all or what happened. I had a conversation with this alter and realized that it was not my fiancé and that this other side of him was the one doing the behavior. His core personality didn't know about his alters, both of which say they are him. They have the same name as him, but one is a very innocent and meek adult (same age as my fiancé), and one is a scared child. In everything I've read, the alters are different personalities with different names, not different versions of the same basic person. Anyone heard of this type, where each says they are "John Smith", for example? He's been losing time here and there for all the years I've known him, but we both thought it was just blackouts, didn't realize it was DID. I am trying my best to be understanding and helpful with all of this. It seems since the disagreement between us, he is switching frequently. The argument was a few days ago. Today he switched at least twice, once while driving. I talked to him in a very calm voice and got him to pull over, then just asked him to rest for a second, then he switched back to his main person, my fiancé. Any advice/input on this would be helpful for both of us. Thank you.
Tim Guiden
My doctor has diagnosed me with DID. This comes after years of diagnoses by other doctors for depression, PTSD, anxiety and OCD. I feel pretty good about the therapy, but as I read up on DID I don't feel as if I fall into a "typical" case. Until six weeks ago, and not since, I never had any lost time. Then, and only then, I "lost" about a day and a half during a very contentious family wedding. In addition, while the therapist has engaged with two alters, when they respond to her I am fully aware, for the most part, of their answers. I guess I'm asking if you can have DID without really having the blackouts I read so much about? Thanks.
Greetings everyone. I am carrying on a long-distance relationship with someone with DID. I met this person and she was initially diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. I am a psychologist and, in the midst of the tumultuous first months of a relationship, she and I both discovered several alters. She has gradually tapered off all medications but is not currently in therapy, having dropped out after an insensitive comment from her therapist. I believe we have exited the "honeymoon" phase of our relationship and phone contact has become increasingly triggering for her. She gets offended at very small things that I am not aware of and these things germinate for weeks. Due to the inconstant nature of her reality, it takes a really long time for her to figure out what's bothering her. Meanwhile, she is distant or irritable with me on the phone and our in-person visits are often punctuated with altered states. I am very fond of some alters and we have an open dialogue about managing altered states, but I am hoping for guidance around how to manage a long-distance, phone based relationship that is constantly being tested by triggers from a very traumatic childhood. Any insights are most appreciated. I love her dearly but often feel that my needs for connection are put on hold for very extended periods of time.
from my understanding, these people with MPD dont necessarily die, but actually one of the personas dies. for example if a persona dies, the other stays in the body even if the remaining does not really belong to the body. the real way to actually kill a person is to kill the body all together.its a bit complicated but once you master the science you understand a little more.
Unfortunately this information is outdated but still valid. Each alter needs its own therapy as they all have their own memories and traumas. Keep a google calendar for your alters so they can communicate and share their schedules. Get to know and build the trust of everyone. If you can get them to understand each other it helps with merging of alters. If they disappear it's cause they switched and the current alter has rannoff or ignored you. Have the alters email one another and they can communicate who is safe and who they can mutually trust but if they hate each other it makes it challenging. Validate their feelings. Respect their beliefs. They will probably never sleep because once they relax or zone out it gives other alters the opportunity to come out. EMDR therapy helps merge the alters as it causes them to start sharing the same memories. If you can get them all focused on the same goals it's easier to merge. It's easier said than done because each one is so different. Understand that the alter is the way they are because they are either stuck in traumatic period that needs to be processed or they developed in order to manage and over that trauma. Try to make them feel brave and strong and never expect them to be how you want them to be. Spend time with them. Be ready to adjust to whatever alter presents themself and feel special if they do because if an alter doesn't like you they will never meet or talk to you. Always remember to keep yourself safe first. Some people-not all- have more challenging alters. For some reason they came to be due due to an environmental external stimulus. Try to understand that's how they have survived. D.I.D. Is an incredible way humans can cope with unimaginable pain and suffering it's quite fascinating. You are not alone and you are amazing and a survivor anyone who tells you otherwise is ignorant. Which many people are. DID is rarely discussed but rather common. It takes a keen eye and tender soul to detect it and help those with it. Love you all. Ps. There are great books out there to help understand DID.
@justlost Hang in there. Don't be afraid to search for the right person to assist you. Someone that 1) knows his or her thing... not just familiar with the effects of childhood trauma.. someone with years of professional training who's choosen to focus in that area with a host of experience working with clients with dissociative disorders.. and 2) someone who feels "right" to you. Feels right sounds vague but is so very important. With the right person (often not the first person you interview for the job) something just clicks and you will know when it happens. If these two qualifications are met you have nothing to fear.
My X and I dated for 8 months, she often told me about her other personalities. I guess I just didn't get it. I saw distinct changes but they all seemed to love me deeply and I chalked it up to her being creative and interesting. She proposed, gave me a ring -we planned to get married and live together (gay female couple). About a month before we were supposed to move in together she she stated I didn't love her and I didn't hear from her for nearly 6 months-I was devastated.Processing this from a a non-MPD place I felt tremendously hurt and confused. As time went out we spoke, when I saw her after 6 months she had taken on a whole new very extreme personality and was really very negative and within that personality was a bit abusive. She never explained why she left and she went as far as to tell me she hadn't any idea. In the short time we spoke about reconciling she was all over the board from telling me she wanted to move near to me and make it up to me, get a tattoo of me on her arm (not into this) and then in the alternative being critical of me for no real good reason and so opted out of any such meeting. We never did reconcile but after reading this article I am sure this is what she is up against. I feel more sympathetic to her thanks to this article but it is really tough on a partner to someone who has this disorder Kudos to those of you that are making it work.
Thanks for information!!! helped me with a essay. To me this is a very interesting topic.
One of my multiples is strong and controls the others, he is Elle. All personalities are me. BUT I can be sitting here playing a game and something 2 feet away from me drops. How can that be?
I have read more than a dozen books on dissociation and have had more than 4 years treatment for it. Something that I have never read about it and that creeps me out is that if I go to sleep with a child alter out, I am a child in my dreams. If I go to sleep with an adult out then I am an adult in my dreams. Have other dissociators experienced this?
Some of my friends say I have DID, I did some research and realized I should see a doctor to know for sure. Many people say I talk to myself, have said we or us instead of I. There are a bunch of holes in my memory I don't remember things. For example most of the time I'll be in a class then black out and wake up in a different area.My boyfriend wants to help but I believe I am fine. He says he see's nothing wrong but still makes me feel like he is trying to change who I am. My boyfriend also said yesterday on halloween, which i have no memory of, that apparently one of my alter's was out and was mad at him cause he kept poking my best friend and kept saying, "Stop, Sydney won't like that." Or "You don't need to be doing that. You will hurt her." I don't know what's happening but he also called me an attention whore. My family says I have sudden burst of energy out of nowhere and sometimes I get aggressive or angry easily. My best friend said she has seen me with quick mood changes, she says one moment I'll be happy then I will either be upset, depressed, or straight up neutral.

I honestly don't know what's going on with me. I have no recollection of many pieces of my mind. I often hear voices talking to me inmy head and I tend to get lightheaded.
Caitlin Blair
A guy friend of mine suffers from DID. this really helped me have a closer look on what he goes through.
I was recently diagnosed with DID but how do I tell it I was diagnosed right? I don't really go to alters but I got told I go from all happy jumping around to yelling at nothing and I don't recall any of it. Could it just be I bipolar or is the diagnose right. There was a lot more incident like that but that's the easiest one to explain.
I've been searching for a true definition of an multiple personality disorder that interested me.
I've had this disorder since I have a traumatic experience of bullying and overall stress from untrust-worthy people that manage to embed this personality to me. I'm what I could explain as shy,naive,merciful(Too forgiving), quiet and very kind but my alter ego is a complete opposite, as her characteristic is malevolent,savage,heartless,cruel, confident,and unmerciful. We never fully understand ourselves since she has a different perspective. I've been silent due to traumatic continues bullying and I've developed anxiety from all the times I've been bullied that also resulted in unlocking this opposite me. I never fully liked my opposite as she's very dominating and vengeful that on multiple times that I lost control and blank out, I only saw glimpse of how she has no problem in hurting people even innocent that only got wrong in their path when she was controlling me. I normal also forgets many memories and have numerous problem when remembering.
My alter ego never get locked in prison due to her diabolic plans and acts that she used my 'angelic charms and goody attitudes' to escape punishment.
Yes, having an alter ego like an evil and psychotically derange one have a few benefits like I felt only numb when I got scraped in a rusty sharp chair that is contaminated but I never noticed the pain from it until those teachers and classmates also my bullies gasped and whispered of having blood dripping but nonetheless I haven't felt it as I felt blindly overpowered by hate which is Ironically what makes my alter ego stronger. Also the other benefits it that she's smarter then me that usually helped me but that is rare to happen for she only does help me when we are getting underestimated or joked by others. She is also confident yet arrogant when she does appear and what unnerve me is she never shows a true smile rather a dark derange smirk and our attributes and physique are also different. What I am afraid of is she's constantly showing overprotectiveness and possessiveness of me. She has no problem in terrifying others either with her used of her abnormal strength, deeper threatening voice that never stops making threats and various more.
My daughter's has it how do you keep the agressive personally away. The one is nice and friendly but as soon as all goes to well the agressive hate one comes out that just wants a fight please Matilda
whats wrong with a person who never accepts his faults most specially says something in a converstion and agrees with all what i say on that topic and once that same question comes up he answers to that in a different way sometimes as if he had never told that,keeps on changing the topic on what we spoke completely changes the table over what type of person is this?
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