If there is anything on Earth that seems simple and ordinary, it is the soil beneath our feet. Other than farmers, people hardly think of it except when tending to their lawns, and even when we do turn our attention to the soil, we tend to view it as little more than a place where grass grows and earthworms crawl. Yet the soil is a complex mixture of minerals and organic material, built up over billions of years, and without it, life on this planet would be impossible. It is home to a vast array of species that continually process it, enriching it as they do. Nor are all soils the same; in fact, there are a great variety of soil environments and a great deal of difference between the soil at the surface and that which lies further down, closer to the bedrock.

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Very valuable resource you have here.

I have a question. I've been debating with a geological scientist about soil is the foundation to all life. He tells me life will prevail in the deep ocean by the vents if soil was absent on earth.

I know it's all interconected and soil either directlly or indirectlly have an impact on life at those dea sea vents. If I am wrong please correct me.

Could you please explain to me or send me some sources on what would happen to life at those dea sea vents if soil was abasent on this planet.

Thank You,

very nice information been put up here gives good information about soil for childrens as well as for adults

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